Item #C3051 Programming with ADA, An Introduction by Means of Graduated Examples. Peter Wegner.
Programming with ADA, An Introduction by Means of Graduated Examples

Programming with ADA, An Introduction by Means of Graduated Examples.

Prentice-Hall Inc. NJ, 1980, 211 pp, Illustrations, Appendix, Index.

Condition: Very Good overall, dark turquoise blue hardcover with titles in black and white; some shelfwear at tips and spine ends. Prev. owner's name inked out on blank front endpage. Binding is secure and tight, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: Programming with ADA, Compilers, Modularity, Program Structure, Higher-level Languages Ada

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An Overview of ADA -- A Simple ADA Program, Programming Examples, Type & Object Declarations, Program Structure, Subprogram, Subroutine Parameters, Generic Subprograms, Packages, Abstract Data Types, Tasks, Selection Among Task Entries, Generic Modules, Blocks, Separate Compilation, Scope of Identifiers, Restricted Program Units, Restricted Compilation Units & Libraries, Exceptions;

Basic Language Features -- Character Set and Lexical Units, Simple Expressions & Assignment Statements, Conditional Statements (If & Case Statements), Iteration Statements (For & While Statements), Jump Statements (Exit & Go To Statements), Programming Examples (Computing Prime Numbers), Declarations of Identifiers, Program Units & Block Structure, Procedures & Parameters, Parameter Binding Modes, Functions & Value-Returning Procedure;

Data Description -- Actions & Objects, The Ada Type System, Numeric Types, Enumeration Types, Boolean & Character Data Types, Array Types, Array Types with Unspecified Bounds, Strings, Record Types, Variant Records, Discriminants & Type Parameters, Access Types, List Processing, Tree-Structured Symbol Tables;

Modularity & Program Structure -- Review of Data & Subprogram Packages, Syntax of Package Declarations, A Complex Number Package, Generating-Secure-Keys, A Symbol Table Package, A List Processing Package, The Use Clause, Restricted Clauses, Generic Program Structures, Generic Packages, Program Structure & Name Space Modification, Top-Down & Bottom-Up Program Development;

Multitasking -- Task Initiation & Execution, Task Synchronization & Communication, The Select Statement, Generic Tasks, Families of Tasks, Families of Entries & Task Priorites, Task Termination, The Reader-Writer Problem, Separate Synchronization & Protection, Efficiency of Multitasking.