Programming with MacAPP, Macintosh Inside Out series (disk not included). David A. Wilson, Larry S. Rosenstein, Dan Shafer.

Programming with MacAPP, Macintosh Inside Out series (disk not included).

Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., MA, 1990, 550 pp, Illustrations, Bibliography, Index.

Condition: Very Good overall, large square softcover, light edgewear, binding sound, pages clean and unmarked; ISBN 0201550628.

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Hands-on tutorial for MacApp up to and including version 2, starts with a basic framework of the MacApp library, then moves to covering tools for program design, code management, and debugging, etc; numerous short example programs throughout the book, and the last section goes beyond simple programs to show how to build libraries of reusable code (from the rear cover)

PART ONE The Framework -- Intro, Getting Started with MacApp, Object Programming Concepts, Object-Oriented Design - Modeling the Real World;

PART TWO -- Getting Started in MacApp -- Setting Up MacApp with MPW, Object Pascal, The MacApp Class Library, MacApp Default Behavior, Simple - The Simplest MacApp Program, Object Design- Adding the User Interface, Tools for MacApp Programmers, Techniques & Mechanisms;

PART THREE -- Presenting Information to the User -- Displaying Information in Views, View Resources, Creating a TextEditor Window, Storing Data in Documents, Using Lists;

PART FOUR -- Obtaining Information from the User -- Handling Menu Operations, Managing Mouse Operations, Handling Dialogs;

PART FIVE -- Creating a Real-World Application -- Designing Code for Reusability, Input/Output with Streams, Graphics Building Block Architecture, Three Mouse Commands, Documents, Filters, & the Clipboard.