Proceedings of the IRE October 1962 Volume 50, Number 10. IRE Institute of Radio Engineers.

Proceedings of the IRE October 1962 Volume 50, Number 10.

Institute of Radio Engineers October 1962, pages 2033 - 2176 inclusive, Illustrations, References.

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PAPERS -- Popov & the Beginnings of Radiotelegraphy (Susskind), Correction to Theoretical Considerations on Millimeter Wave Generation by Optical Frequency Mixing (Pantell, Fontana), Neuristor - A Novel Device & System Concept (Crane), An Active Pulse Transmission Line Simulating Nerve Axon (Naguamo, Arimoto, Yoshizawa), The Analytic Signal Representation of Modulated Waveforms (Bedrosian), Observations of Satellite-Related Ionization Effects Between 1958&1060 (Kraus, Tiuri), The Dielectric Microwave Resonator (Okaya, Barash), Correction to Propagation of the Low-Frequency Radio Signal (Johler), Generalized Resolution in Radar Systems (Urkowitz, Hauer, Koval);

CORRESPONDENCE -- Piezo-Junctions - Elements of New Class of Semiconductor Devices (Rindner, Nelson), WWV & WWVH Standard Frequency & Time Transmissions (National Bureau of Standards), Miniature Electrically Tunable YIG Band-Pass Filter (Wright, Taub), Use of Electro-Optical Shutters to Stabilize Ruby Laser Operation (Marshall, Roberts), Elimination of Re-Entry Radio Blackout (Mullin, Hodara), Comments of Broad-Band Parametric Amplifiers by Simple Experimental Techniques (Bossard, Kurzrok), New Helium-Neon Optical Maser Transitions (McFarlane, Patel, Bennett Jr., Faust),

The Measurement of the Velocity of Light (Schroeder), Intermodulation Noise in FM Troposcatter Links (Sichak, Adams), Stimulated Emission from Holmium Activated Silicate Glass (Gandy, Ginther), Direct Measurement of Optical Cavity Q (Paananen), Resonant Amplification in a Gas Maser (Paananen), Junction Transistor with Reverse-Biased Input (Chatterjee), Measurement of Bulk-Lifetime by Microwave Electrodes Technique with Steady Illumination (Deb, Nag), Measurements of Probability Densities of Small Ensembles of Periodic Waveforms (Fox, Starr), Temperature Sensitivity of Twoport (Shimata, Fisher), Self-Consistent Electron Trajectories in a Magnetron (Lehr, Lotus, Silberman, Gunther), Comments on Analysis of AGC Loops (Gardner); pattern recognition; much more.