Item #C3061 Proceedings of the IRE December 1962 Volume 50, Number 12. Institute of Radio Engineers.

Proceedings of the IRE December 1962 Volume 50, Number 12.

Institute of Radio Engineers December 1962, 130 pages, Illustrations, References.

Condition: Good+ overall, some cover wear & rubbing, creases along spine, thumbsized abrasion along top of rear cover. Binding sound and tight; pages clean, unmarked.

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PAPERS -- Double Injection Diodes & Related DI Phenomena in Semiconductors (Holonyak), Madistor- A Magnetically Controlled Semiconductor Plasma Device (Melngailis, Rediker), Design & Performance of a Broad-Band FM Demodulator with Frequency Compression (Ruthroff, Bodtmann),

A Solid-State Display Device (Yando), Correction to Higher-Order Temperature Coefficients of the Elastic Stiffnesses & Compliances of Alpha-Quartz (Bechmann, Ballato, Lukaszek), Switching Speed & Dissipation in Fast, Thin-Film Cryotron Ciruits (Myers), Properties of 400 Mcps Long-Distance Tropospheric Circuits (Chisholm, Morrow Jr., Nichols, Roche, Teachman);

CORRESPONDENCE -- Use of a Paraboloidal Reflector of Small Focal Ratio as a Low-Noise Antenna System (Pauliny-Toth, Shakeshaft, Wielebinski), Effect of Mirror Alignment in Laser Operation (Ready, Hardwick), Electro-Optic Properties of Zinc Selenide (McQuaid),

On Power Dissipation in Semiconductor Computing Elements (Keyes), A Method of Switching Persistent Currents in Superconducting Coils (Bonfeld), Varacter Frequency Doubler from 11.5 Gc to 23 Gc (Uenohara, Rulison, Bricker), An Electronically Variable Delay Line (Kluver), Tunnel Diode Audio-Frequency Noise (Burkhard, Sidor), Focused Side Pumping of Laser Crystal (Tomiyasu), Efficiency of a Multiple Ellipses Confocal Laser Pumping Configuration (Fried, Eltgroth), A 35.5 kMc Parametric Amplifier (Fitzsimmons), Two Results in the Preliminary Design of Optimum Linear Systems (Durrani), Low-Frequency Circuit Relations as Developed from Field Theory (Ferraro), Single-Sideband Modulation & Reception of Light at VHF (Buhrer, Bloom), Breakdown Voltage of GaAs Diodes Having Nearly Abrupt Junctions (Kressel, Blicher, Gibbons Jr.), The O-Type Backward-Wave Oscillator Frequency Pushing (Sakuraba), Determination of Depletion Layer Thickness at Indium-Germanium Contacts with No Applied Voltage (Sanders, Schlegel), WWV &WWVH Standard Frequency & Time Transmissions (NBofS), More.