Proceedings of the IRE May 1960 Volume 48, Number 5 ; history of transducers; noise. IRE Institute of Radio Engineers.

Proceedings of the IRE May 1960 Volume 48, Number 5 ; history of transducers; noise.

Institute of Radio Engineers; May 1960, pages 845-988 inclusive; Illustrations, References.

Condition: Good to very good overall, some fading at cover margins & some edgewear; spine creases; binding is tight, square; pages clean & unmarked.

Keywords: Proceedings of the IRE, history of transducers, Parametric Transducer

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PAPERS -- Some Notes on the History of Parametric Transducers (Mumford), Low-Noise Tunnel-Diode Down Converter Having Conversation Gain (Chang, Heilmeier, Prager), Noise Limitations to Resolving Power in Electronic Imaging (Coltman, Anderson), Packaged Tunable L-Band Maser System (Arams, Okwit), Cadmium Sulfide Field Effect Phototransistor (Bockemuehl), Optimum Formula for the Gain of a Flow Graph or a Simple Derivation of Coates Formula (Desoer),

A Broad-Band Cyclotron Resonance RF Detector Tube (Turner), Anomalies in the Absorption of Radio Waves by Atmospheric Gases (Straiton, Tolbert), Interaction Impedance Measurements by Propagation Constant Perturbation (McIsaac, Wang), Taylor-Cauchy Transforms for Analysis of a Class of Nonlinear Systems (Ku, Wolf, Dietz), laurent-Cauchy Transforms for Analysis of Linear Systems Described by Differential-Difference & Sum Equations (Ku, Wolf), Correction to A Unified Analysis of Range Performance of CW, Pulse & Pulse Doppler Rader (Bussgang, Nesbeda, Safran);

CORRESPONDENCE -- Radio Frequency Scattering from the Surface of the Moon (Leadabrand, Dyce, Fredriksen, Presnell, Schlobohm), Measurements of Lunar Reflectivity Using the Millstone Radar (Pettengill), Lunar Echoes Received on Spaced Receivers at 106.1 mc (Dyce, Hill), Noise Figure of Tunnel Diode Mixer (Breitzer), Effect of External Base & Emitter Resistors on Noise Figure (Halligan), A Ferromagnetic Amplifier Using Longitudinal Pumping (Denton), Parametric Phase Distortionless L-Band Limiter (Sutherland, Countiss), The Diode-Loaded Helix as a Microwave Amplifier (Conrad, Chang, Hughes), A High Field Effect Two-Terminal Oscillator (Lade, Schlax), Generating a Rotating Polarization (Allen), A Z-Transform-Describing-Function for On-Off Type Sampled-Data Systems (Kuo), A Note on the Steady-State Response of Linear Time-Invariant Systems to General Periodic Input (Jury), WWV & WWVH Standard Frequency & Time Transmissions (NBS); orbit of artificial satellite (Besag & Anderson); Radiation damage.