Item #C3064 Proceedings of the IRE October 1960 Volume 48, Number 10 ; Semiconductor Terms. Institute of Radio Engineers.

Proceedings of the IRE October 1960 Volume 48, Number 10 ; Semiconductor Terms.

Institute of Radio Engineers, October 1960, pages 1693-1820 inclusive; Illustrations, References.

Condition: Good overall, illustrated blue softcovers; binding shows chiipping along spine end with some loss of paper at very bottom of spine; rubbing, some creases along spine margin; binding solid, pages clean.

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PAPERS -- Study of the Charge Control Parameters of Transistors (Sparkes), Synthesis Techniques for Gain-Bandwidth Optimization in Passive Transducers (Carlin), Properties of Phased Arrays (Aulock), A Vacuum Evaporated Random Access Memory (Broadbent), Shot & Thermal Noise in Germanium & Silicon Transistors at High-Level Current Injections (Schneider, Strutt), Analytical Studies on Effects of Surface Recombination on the Current Amplification Factor of Alloy Junction & Surface Barrier Transistors (Sugano, Yanai), DC Pumped Quadrupole Amplifier- A Wave Analysis (Siegman), Correction to A Unified Analysis of Range Performance of CW, Pulse, & Pulse Doppler Radar (Bussgang, Nesbeda, Safran), High Selectivity with Constant Phase Over the Pass Band (Rihaczek), Automatic Phase Control- Theory & Design (Rey), Correction to A New Look at the Phase-Locked Oscillator (McAleer), IRE Standards on Solid-State Devices- Definitions of Semiconductor Terms, 1960;

CORRESPONDENCE -- Esaki Diode Oscillators from 3 to 40 KMC (Trambarulo, Burrus), Emitter Diffusion Capacitance of Drift Transistors (Lindmayer, Wrigley), Bomb-Excited Whistlers (Lippmann), A Ferromagnetic Amplifier Using Dielectric Loading (Gruenberg), Low Reverse Leakage Gallium-Arsenide Diodes (Halpern, Rediker), Scattering by a Spherical Sattelite (Kennaugh, Morgan, Weil), Scattering Properties Large Spheres (Logan), WWV &WWVH Standard Frequency & Time Transmissions (NBofS), Correction to Direct Reading Noise Figure Measuring Device (Bruck), Correction to Absolutely Stable Hybrid Coupled Tunnel Diode Amplifier (Sie), Some Results on Diode Parametric Amplifiers (Goldstein, Zorzy), Some Parametric Amplifier Circuit Configurations & Results (Goldstein), Gain Inconsistencies in Low-Frequency Reactance Parametric Up-Converters (Kamal, Holub), Parametric Amplification Properties in Transistors (Zuleeg, Vodicka), Electron Content & Distribution in the Ionosphere (Hame, Stuart), Maximum Avalanche Multiplication in p-n Junctions (Hamilton), More.