Proceedings of the IRE September 1960 Volume 48, Number 10. IRE Institute of Radio Engineers.

Proceedings of the IRE September 1960 Volume 48, Number 10.

The Institute of Radio Engineers 1960, 184 pages, Illustrations, References, photographs, double-column text, advertisements.

Condition: Very Good overall, large thick 8.5x11 journal, blue paper covers, some wrinkling and light rubbing and edgewear; binding is sound and secure, pages unmarked. Slight mustiness from storage.

Keywords: Proceedings of the IRE, video transmission over telephone, thin film cryotrons, vintage electrical engineering

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Features TV Transmission by Binary Pulses; thin-film Cryotrons; Parametric Amplifer Performance, Analysis; Standards on Network terms; Flow Graph Terms; Error probabilities for Telegraph; MORE

PAPERS -- Information for IRE Authors, Theory of a Monolithic Null Device & Some Novel Circuits (Kaufman), Video Transmission Over Telephone Cable Pairs by Pulse Code Modulation (Carbrey), Thin-Film Cryotrons (Smallman, Slade, Cohen) -- Part 1- Properties of Thin Superconducting Films (Smallman), Part 2- Cryotron Characteristics & Circuit Applications (Slade), Part 3 - An Analysis of Cryotron Ring Oscillators (Cohen), Optimum Noise & Gain-Bandwidth Performance for a Practical One-Port Parametric Amplifier (Greene, Sard), Fractional Millimicrosecond Electrical Stroboscope (Goodall, Dietrich), Symmetrical Matrix Analysis of Parametric Amplifiers & Converters (Deutsch), An Analog Solution for the Static London Equations of Superconductivity (Meyers)

IRE Standards on Circuits - Definitions of Terms for Linear Passive Reciprocal Time Invariant Networks - 1960, IRE Standards on Circuits - Definitions of Terms for Linear Signal Flow Graphs-1960, Error Probabilities for Telegraph Signals Transmitted on a Fading FM Carrier (Barrow), Forward Scattering by Coated Objects Illuminated by Short Wavelength Radar (Hiatt, Siegel, Weil), Ineffectiveness of Absorbing Coatings on Conducting Objects Illuminated by Long Wavelength Radar (Hiatt, Siegel, Weil);

CORRESPONDENCE -- Epitaxial Diffused Transistors (Theuerer, Kleimack, Loar, Christensen), Use of the Hydrogen Line to Measure Vehicular Velocity (Feldon), Internal Field Emission & Low Temperature Thermionic Emission into Vacuum (Geppert), P-N Junctions Between Semi- conductors Having Different Energy Gaps (Lakshmanan), An Optimal Discrete Stochastic Process Servomechanism (Sponsler), On Stabilizing the Gain of Varactor Amplifiers (Robinson, Seeger, van Damme, de Jager), A Conference on the Propagation of ELF Electromagnetic Waves (Wait), WWV &WWVH Standard Frequency & Time Transmissions (NBofS), Energy Fluxes from the Cyclotron Radiation Model of VLF Radio Emissions (Santirocco), A Receiver for Observation of VLF Noise from the Outer Atmosphere (Ellis), More.