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Proceedings of the IRE July 1960 Volume 48, Number 7 ; Solar Energy conversion, photovoltaics; switching, logic. IRE Institute of Radio Engineers.

Proceedings of the IRE July 1960 Volume 48, Number 7 ; Solar Energy conversion, photovoltaics; switching, logic.

Institute of Radio Engineers, July 1960; pages 1213-1372 inclusive; Illustrations, References.
Condition: Good+ overall, some edgewear, vertical creases to spine, rubbing & some wrinkling to rear cover; binding tight, pages unmarked. A bit musty-smelling from storage.
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PAPERS -- An Aspect of IRE (Hamburger), Low-Noise Parametric Amplifier (Knechtli, Weglein), Theory of Single-Resonance Parametric Amplifiers (Fisher), Correction to Nomographs for Designing Elliptic-Function Filters (Henderson),

Persistor - A Super - conducting Memory Element (Crittenden, Cooper, Schmidlin),

Limitations & Possibilities for Improvement of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Converters - Part 1 - Considerations for Earth's Surface Operation (Wolf),

A New Class of Switching Devices & Logic Elements ( McIsaac, Itzkan), Skin Effect in Semiconductors (Frei, Strutt), Excitation of Piezoelectric Plates by Use of a Parallel Field with Particular Reference to Thickness Modes of Quartz (Bechmann), Transient Behavior of Aperture Antennas (Polk), Correction to Space Telemetry Systems (Williams Jr.), Radar Target Classification by Polarization Properties (Copeland), A Microwave Meacham Bridge Oscillator (Sooy, Vernon, Munushian), Unidirectional Paramagnetic Amplifier Design (Strandberg);

CORRESPONDENCE -- Absolutely Stable Hybrid Coupled Tunnel-Diode Amplifier (Sie), Noise of Measure of Lossy Tunnel Diode Amplifiers (van der Ziel), A Parametric Subharmonic Oscillator Pumped at 34.3 KMC (Soloman, Bossard, Weisbaum), Optimum Noise Performance of Parametric Amplifiers (Kotzebue), WWV &WWVH Standard Frequency & Time Transmissions (NBS), Millimeter Wave Generation by Parametric Methods (Heilmeier), Effect of a Generator or Load Mismatch on the Operation of a Parametric Amplifier (Johnson), Parametric Standing Wave Amplifiers (Landauer), X-Band Super-Regenerative Parametric Amplifier (Bossard, Frost, Fishbein), Effect of Parasitic Diode Elements on Traveling-Wave Parametric Devices (Fleri, Sie), A Method for Broad-Banding Synchronism in Traveling-Wave Parametric Devices (Boyet, Fleri), Solid-State Microwave Power Sources Using Harmonic Generation (Lowell, Kiss), UHF Harmonic Generation with Silicon Diodes (Leenov, Rood), Boolean Functions Realizable With Single Threshold Devices (Paull, McCluskey). More.