Proceedings of the IRE January 1960 Volume 48, Number 1; Noise; Wescon. IRE Institute of Radio Engineers.

Proceedings of the IRE January 1960 Volume 48, Number 1; Noise; Wescon.

Institute of Radio Engineers, January 1960; pages 1-144 inclusive; Illustrations, References.

Condition: Good overall, ink smudges & rubs on rear cover, spine creases & chipping with paper peeling at spine tail; slight crimp along top of pages not affecting any text (cosmetic); binding tight, pages clean.

Keywords: proceedings of the IRE 1960, Ruby Maser, Transistors Triode, Cathode-Ray Tube 1960s, Silicon Crystal Diodes, vintage electronics magazines

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PAPERS -- Radio Transmission by Ionospheric & Tropospheric Scatter (Joint Technical Advisory Committee) -- Ionospheric Scatter Transmission; Long-Range Tropospheric Transmissions; Ninth Plenary Assembly of the CCIR (Herbstreit), Crosstalk Due to Finite Limiting of Frequency-Multiplexed Signals (Cahn), IRE Standards on Methods of Measuring Noise in Linear Twoports-1959, Representation of Noise in Linear Twoports, IRE Subcommittee 7.9 on Noise, Multipole Representation for an Equivalent Cardiac Generator (Geselowitz), Effect of a Cathode Impedance on the Frequency Stability of Linear Oscillators (Kohn), Multiple Diversity With Nonindependent Fading (Pierce, Stein);

CORRESPONDENCE -- National Standards of Time and Frequency in the United States (NBof S), WWV Standard FrequencyTransmissions (NBofS), Optimum Noise Performance of Tunnel-Diode Amplifiers (Chang), Maser Operation with Signal Frequrncy Higher than Pump Frequency (Arams), Experimental Verification of Parametric Amplifier Excess Noise Using Transformer Coupling (Cohen), Backfire Antenna, a New Type of Directional Line Source (Ehrenspeck), Circulators at 70 & 140 KMC (Thaxter, Heller), Frequency Dependence of the Noise & the Current Amplification Factor of Silicon Transistors (Chenette), A Note on Scatter Propagation (Denman), Duplexing a Solid-State Ruby Maser in an X-Band Radar System (Goodwin), Nomographs for Designing Elliptic-Function Filters (Szentirmai), Shot Noise in Transistors (van der Ziel), General Aspects of Beating-Wave Amplification (Dow, Rowe), A Strip-Line L-Band Compact Circulator (Davis Jr., Milano, Saunders), Impulse Response of an All-Pass Network Having Infinite-Order Phase Distortion (Ekstrom); Production of Whistlers by Lightning (Hill), Reactance Transistor (Fujimura, Mii), A Method of Combining Two Frequencies (Kahn), Temporary & Permanent Deterioration of Microwave Silicon Crystal Diodes (Lombardini, Doviak), Cathode-Ray Tube etc (Niklas). More. Incl WESCON convention record index etc.