Microcomputer Interfacing. Harold S. Stone.

Microcomputer Interfacing.

Addison-Wesley, MA, 1982 reprinted with corrections 1988; 383 pages, Illustrations, Bibliography, Appendices, Index, Glossary.

Condition: Very Good dark blue hardcover with title and front cover stylized circuits decoration, in red and white. Sllight smudges on front cover, prev. owner's name on titlepage; binding is square and tight, pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: IEEE-488 instrument bus, Bisync interface, i8251, Am9517 DMA controller, MC6844 DMA controller, microcomputers, 232 standard, tape interfaces, magnetic disks, parallel interfacing, protocols, microprocessors, grounding and shielding

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<>BMicrocomputer Structure -- Basic microcomputing structure, The memory interface, the I/O interface, The DMA interface, I/O strategy - Program-controlled versus interrupt-driven, Memory and I/O interfaces for typical microprocessors;

Shielding, Grounding, & Transmission-Line Techniques -- Grounding & Shielding, Transmission-Line techniques, Putting the techniques into practice; Bus Interconnections -- Bus functions, The bus handshake, Arbitration protocols, Asynchronous timing difficulties, Interrupt-request arbitration, Examples of existing bus protocols, Examples of bus arbitration; Memories -- Types of Memory, Memory Systems, DMA controllers, Examples of DMA controllers; Serial Interfacing -- Serial I/O protocols, Asynchronous protocols, Synchronous interfaces, Implementation of serial interfaces, Interface devices;

Parallel Interfacing -- Parallel port characteristics, The IEEE-488 instrument bus, Integrated circuits for parallel interfaces; Magnetic-Recording Techniques -- Tape interfaces, Magnetic- disk recording techniques; CRT-Controller Design -- System description of a typical CRT controller, The CRT-controller chip, A Sampling of CRT-controller chips; Software Development-- Software development methodology, Software for I/O control

Appendix A- The ASCII Code, Appendix B- The RS-232-C Standard, Appendix C- The RS-449 Standard, Appendix D- IEEE-488 Interface Messages.