Introduction to Electric Circuits , second edition. Herbert W. Jackson.

Introduction to Electric Circuits , second edition.

Prentice-Hall, NJ, 1959, 1965 second edition, 7th printing; 554 pages, diagram, Problems, Answers, Appendices, Index.

Condition: Good+ overall, dark blue cloth hardcover, light shelfwear at spine ends and corners, prev. owner's name on endpage, several small neat red-pencil underlines in a few places, otherwise binding is sound and secure and pages are clean.

Keywords: electric circuits, introduction to electric circuits

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On studying electric circuits, Energy, The nature of electricity, The atom, combination of atoms, Conductors & insulators, The electric circuit, The mks system of units, Conversion of units; Current & Voltage -- Simple electric circuit, Coulomb, Ampere, Electron velocity, Electric pressure, Generating an electric pressure, Volt, Electromotive force & voltage drop, Batteries, Other sources of emf, Non-metallic conductors, Conventional current direction;

Resistance -- Ohm's lawof constant proportionality, Nature of resistance, Factors governing the resistance of metallic conductors, Specific resistance or resistivity, Wire tables, Effecto of temperature on resistance, Temperature coefficient of resistance, Linear resistors, Nonlinear resistors, Ohm's law applied; Work & Power -- Energy & work, Joule, Efficiency, Power, Horsepower, Kilowatt-hour, Interrelationship of basic electrical units; Series & Parallel Resistances -- Resistances in series, Kirchhoff's voltage law, Characteristics of series circuits, Internal resistance, Maximum power transfer, Resistances in parallel-Kirchhoff's current law, Conductance, Conductivity, Characteristics of Parallel circuits, more; Resistance Networks -- Network equations from Kirchhoff's laws, more;

Magnetic Circuits -- Magnetism & electricity, Nature of a magnetic field, more; Inductance -- Electromagnetic induction, Faraday's law, Lenz's law, more; Capacitance -- Static electricity, Nature of an electric field, more; Alternating Current -- A simple rotating generator, more; Reactance -- Nature of the instantaneous current in an inductance, more; Vector Algebr; Impedance; Power in Alternating Current Circuits; Impedance Networks; Resonance; Transformer Action; Coupled Circuits; Three-Phase Systems; Harmonics; much more.