Emerging Semiconductor Technology. Kinesh C. Gupta, Paul H. Langer.

Emerging Semiconductor Technology.

ASTM Special Technical Publication, PA, 1987, 704 pages, Illustrations, Bibliography, Appendixes, Index. ISBN 0-8031-0459-6.

Condition: ASTM Special Technical Publication 960, a symposium on electronics, San Jose, CA, January 1986. Good+ overall, maroon hardcover with titles in white on spine and cover. Exlibrary university label on lower spine, some rubberstamps, some pages at front and rear lie flat when book is opened; some shelfwear at spine ends. Textblock and binding sound, pages clean.

Keywords: Silicon Films, Semiconductors, CMOS, semiconductor industry, dielectrics, doped oxide, thin films, VLSI

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KEYNOTE ADDRESS -- Silicon & Semiconductors - Partners in the Late 1980's (Springate); ASTM & SEMI Standards for Semiconductor Industry (Scace);

EPITAXIAL TECHNOLOGY -- Low Temperature & Low Pressure Silicon Epitaxy by Plasma Enhanced CVD (Reif); Thin Silicon Epitaxial Films Deposited at Low Temperatures (Chang, Rosczak); Thin Epitaxial Silicon by DVD (Fisher, Hammond, Sandler); Effects of Gettering of EPI Quality for CMOS Technology (Wong, Borland, Hahn); Silicon Epitaxial Growth on N+ Substrate for CMOS Products (Swaroop); Characterization of the In Situ HCL Etch for Epitaxial Silicon (Medernach, Wells);

DIELECTRICS AND JUNCTION FORMATION TECHNIQUES -- Doped Oxide Spin-On Source Diffusion (Ramamurthy); Effect of a Shallow Xenon Implantation on a Profile Measured by Spreading Resistance (Lora-Tamayo, Du Port De Pontcharra, Bruel); Measurements of Cross-Contamination Levels Produced by Ion Implanters (Larson, Kirby); Some Aspects of Productivity of a Low Pressure CVD Reactor (Middleman); Deposition & Properties of Ultra-Thin High Dielectric Constant Insulators (Roberts, Ryan, Martin); Electrical Properties of MOS Transistors Fabricated with Direct Ion Beam Nitridation (Lee);

PLASMA TECHNOLOGY AND OTHER FABRICATION TECHNIQUES -- RIE Damage & Its Control in Silicon Processing (Fonash, Rohatgi); Bonding Structure & Compositional Analysis of Plasma Enhanced & Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposited Silicon Dielectric Film (Nguyen, Abernathey, Fridmann, Gibson); Monte Carlo Simulation of Plasma Etch Emission Endpoint (Bawolek); Profile Control of Plasma-Etched Polysilicon Using Implant Doping (Abraham, Theriault); Effects of Plasma Processing of Dielectric Layers on Gallium Arsenide Integrated Circuits (Vanner,Cockrill, Turner); Quality Control & Optimization During Plasma Deposition of a-Si:H (Kunst, Werner, Beck, Kuppers, Tributsch); Effects of Deep UV Radiation on Photoresist iin Al Etch (Lee, Chin); Influence of X-Ray Exposure Conditions on Pattern Quality (Starov); Palladium Silicide Contact Process Development for VLSI (Singh); MATERIAL DEFECTS, OXYGEN AND CARBON IN SILICON -- Characterization of Silicon Surface Defects by the Laser Scanning Technique (Liaw, Rose, Nguyen); Damage Aspects of ingot-to-wafer Processing (Dyer); Hydrogen in Silicon and Generation of Haze on Silicon Surface in Aging (Shiraiwa and Inenaga); Identifying gettered impurities in silicon by LIMA Analysis; Effect of Bulk Defects in Silicon on SiO2 film breakdown; Free Carrier Absorption and Interstitial Oxygen measurements; High Reliability Infrared Measurements of Oxygen and Carbon in Silicon;

YIELD ENHANCEMENT AND CONTAMINATION CONTROL ASPECTS -- Nature of Process induced Si-SiO2 defects and their interaction with illumination; A Strategy for Reducing Variability in a production semiconductor fabrication area using the generation of system moments method; Computerized Yield modelling; Particle and Material Control automation system for VLSI manufacturing; Semiconductor Yield Enhancement thorugh particulate control; Particulate Control in VLSI Gases;

DOPANT PROFILING TECHNIQUES AND IN-PROCESS MEASUREMENTS-- Spreading resistance measurements, an overview; Some aspects of spreading resistance profile analysis; Spreading resistance - a comparison of sampling volume correction factors; Comparison of impurity profiles generated by spreading resistance probe and secondary ion mass spectrometry; Monte Carlo calculation of primary kinematic knock-on in SIMS; Comparative study of carrier concentration profiling techniques in silicon; Analysis of Boron profiles; Mapping Silicon wafers by spreading resistance; Production monitoring of 200mm wafer processing; Application of X-ray fluorescence analysis to the thin layer on silicon wafers; Qualification of GaAs and AIGaAs by opitcal and surface analysis techniques; more; Computer Integrated Manufacturing - the realities and hidden costs of automation, more.