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Proceedings of the IRE August 1952 Vol 40 No. 8. Institute of Radio Engineers.

Proceedings of the IRE August 1952 Vol 40 No. 8.

The Institute of Radio Engineers, Inc. 1952, 144 pages, Illustrations, Refrences.
Condition: Good to very good overall, blue and white illustrated paper covers, some spine and edgewear, binding is sound and secure, pages clean.
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PROCEEDINGS -- Let Us Re-Define Electronics (Everitt); Scientific Manpower (Dubridge); Experimental Verification of the Theory of Laminated Conductors (Black, Mallinckrodt, Morgan Jr.); Single-Crystal Germanium (Teal, Sparks, Buehler); Requisite Color Band- width for Simultaneous Color-Television (McIlwain); Multiple-Channel Telephony on VHF Radio Links (Tupper, Patton); Elimination of Moire Effects in Tri-Color Kinescopes (Ramberg); Correction to Radio Progress During 1951;

Standards on Gas-Filled Radiation Counter Tubes- Definitions of Terms 1952; Standards on Gas-Filled Radiation Counter Tubes- Methods of Testing; Miniature Rectifier Computing & Controlling Circuits (Wang); Cathode-Ray Picture Tube with Low-Focusing Voltage (Szegho); A Frequency Stabilization System for Microwave Gas Dielectric Measurements (Gabriel); The Response of RLC Resonant Circuits to EMF of Sawtooth Varying Frequency (Marique);

A Broad Band Interdigital Circuit for Use in Traveling-Wave-Type Amplifiers (Fletcher); The Frequency Spectrum of a Pulled Oscillator (Buchanan); A Note on the Reproduction of Pulses (Cheng); Dominant Wave Transmission Characteristics of a Multimode Round Wavequide (King); Network Synthesis by the Use of Potential Analogs (Scott); A Calculation Method for Sky-Wave Field Strength (Rawer);

Interpretation of High-Frequency CW Field-Intensity Records with the Aid of Simultaneous Pulse Data (Silberstein); An Optimization Theory for Time-Varying Linear Systems with Nonstationary Statistical Inputs (Booton Jr.); Self-& Mutual Impedances of Parallel Identical Antennas (King); Radiation Characteristics of Helical Antennas of Few Turns (Haycock, Ajioka);

CORRESPONDENCE - More on A Method for Calculating the Current Distribution of Tschebyscheff Arrays (Barbiere); Proposal of Piezomagnetic Nomenclature for Magnetostrictive Materials (Ehrlich); A Method for Studying Sporadic-E Clouds at a Distance (Villard Jr., Peterson, Manning); The Spreading of an Electron Beam (Hickey Jr. Mihran); More.