Item #C3114 ISAM Reference Information for MITS BASIC / Pertec Computer Corporation 1979 notebook. MITS BASIC ISAM.

ISAM Reference Information for MITS BASIC / Pertec Computer Corporation 1979 notebook.

Pertec Computer Corporation, 1979, 152 pages Illustrations, Appendix, Indexes, Glossary.

Condition: Very Good overall, 3-ring binder with mimeographed sheets hole-punched and inserted, along with handwritten notebook pages in a sleeve. Front page typed date May 1979, Pertec Computer Corporation, loosened from tabs but inserted.

Price: $30.00

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Scope, Format & Notation, Terminal Input, Loading BASIC, Entering & Executing Programs- The NEW & RUN Commands; NUMBERS & ARITHMETIC -- Constants & Variables - Number Representation, Constants, Variables, Arrays, The DIM Statement, The LET Statement, Order of Precedence, The SWAP Statement;

NON-NUMERICAL PROCESSING -- Strings & String Literals, String Variables, String Expressions - The LET Statement, String Space - The CLEAR Command, Logical Operations;

PROGRAM CONTROL -- Lines, Branching, Unconditional Branching - The GOTO Statement, Conditional Branching -The IF THEN ELSE Statement, Conditional Branching - The ON GOTO Statement, Looping, The FOR NEXT Statement, Nested FOR NEXT Loops; INPUT/OUTPUT-- The DATA, READ, & RESTORE Statements, The INPUT Statement, The INPUT Statement With Prompt, The LINE INPUT Statement, The PRINT Statement, The PRINT USING Statement - Principlees, The PRINT USING Statement - Field Specifiers, The PRINT USING Statement - More Specifiers, Lineprinter Output - The LPRINT & LPRINT USING Statements, Machine Oriented I/O - INP, OUT, & WAIT, The CONSOL Command, Setting Console Parameters - The WIDTH & NULL Statements; ENTERING &

EDITING PROGRAM LINES -- Line Numbers, The AUTO Command, The LIST & LLIST Commands, The DELETE Command, The EDIT Command, EDIT Subcommands - Moving the Pointer & Inserting Characters, EDIT Subcommands - Replacing Characters & Terminating the Command; MASS STORAGE-- The MOUNT & UNLOAD Commands, Storing Program Files - The SAVE Statements, Retrieving Program Files - The LOAD & RUN Statements, Combining Program Files- The MERGE Statement, DATA Files - Random & Sequential Access Methods, File Numbers- The OPEN & CLOSE Statements, Sequential Input - The INPUT & LINE INPUT Statements, more;

SUBROUTINES & FUNCTIONS -- Calling Subroutines - GOSUB Statement, Execution in Subroutines, more; ERRORS -- Error Trapping, Error Trapping - User Defined Errors, Error Trapping - The RESUME Statement, Program Tracing - The TRON & TROFF Statements, more M1.