Digital Computer User's Handbook.

McGraw-Hill Book Co NY 1967; 922 pages, Index, 157 illustrations.

Condition: Very Good maroon-brown cloth hardcover. Binding is sound, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: granino korn, programming, algol, numerical statistics, sorting and merging, information retrieval, real-time operations, symbolic logic, programming, compiler design, algol 60, list-processing languages, numerical t

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Item Description

Multiple chapters in each Section -- 'a comprehensive compendium of computer procedures -- emphasis on practicality, clarity of expression... range of topics is broad in scope, prepared by an outstanding group of experts, provides guidance on such subjects as list processing, sorting and merging, interpolation and curve fitting, symbolic logic, linear and nonlinear programming, commercial data processing, information retrieval, and real-time operations with small computers...'

SECTIONS - TOPICS IN PROGRAMMING - Errors, loss of significance & data presentation; Computer Characteristics Table; Algorithmic Compiler Design Structure & Use of ALGOL 60; List-processing languages; system simulation; sorting & merging; etc;

NUMERICAL TECHNIQUES - function-approximation techniques; nonlinear equations; numerical integration; more; STATISTICAL METHODS - techniques & computation computations of power spectra; random-number generation and Monte-Carlo Methods;

COMPUTER APPLICATIONS - symbolic logic and practical applications; Information Theory and Codes; Linear programming; nonlinear programming; Commercial Data Processing; Digital Computers for logical design; Information Retrieval; Some parameter-optimization techniques; scheduling and inventory control; real-time operations with small general-purpose computers.