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Advances in Computers, Volume 1, volume one. Franz Alt.

Advances in Computers, Volume 1, volume one.

Academic Press, NY 1960 first edition; 316 pages, Index, references at ends of papers.
Condition: Very Good overall, red cloth hardcover stamped titles on spine in gilt & black. Thumbsized stain along bottom front corner of textblock bleeding onto corners of pages, not affecting any text. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked.
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'The new series, Advances in Computers, of which this is the first volume, is intended to occupy a position intermediate between a technical journal and a collection of handbooks or monographs...The Advances will bring together articles about diverse aspects of the design of electronic computing systems and their components, about methods of machine programming and numerical analysis, and about computer applications to scientific and engineering problems, to business management & data processing...' (from the editor's Preface).

CONTENTS -- (note, each presented SECTION has numerous subchapters not noted here) --
GENERAL-PURPOSE PROGRAMMING FOR BUSINESS APPLICATIONS (Calvin Gotlieb) - Programming systems; data processing problems; definitions & notation; file organization & maintenance; some particular systems; programming & hardware; References;

NUMERICAL WEATHER PREDICTION (Norman Phillips) -- the magnitude of the problem; the initial data; the physical equations; computational techniques; results of numerical predictions; References;

THE PRESENT STATUS OF AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION OF LANGUAGES (Yehoshua Bar-Hillel) -- aims & methods, survey & critique; critical survey of the achievements of the particular MT research groups; conclusion; Remark on Bibliography; appendices;

PROGRAMMING COMPUTERS TO PLAY GAMES (Arthur Samuel) - intro; historical background; chess-playing machines; checkers (or draughts); other games; a look into the future; References;

MACHINE RECOGNITION OF SPOKEN WORDS (Richard Fatenchand) - Intro; The Speech process; machine recognition of elementary speech sounds; contemporar speech recognition machines;

BINARY ARITHMETIC (George Reitweisner) - number representation, scaling, residues, addition & subtraction, shifting, square rooting, rounding, mutliple-precision considerations, more.