Pre-Prints of Papers presented at the First Disc File Symposium 1963. authors, Inc Informatics.

Pre-Prints of Papers presented at the First Disc File Symposium 1963.

Informatics, Inc, Culver City California, 1963, approximately 230 pages, single-page mimeograph reproduced typescript, diagrams, some references, titlepages to each paper.

Condition: Very Good overall, mimrographed single-sided pages bound into a brown cardstock binder with metal sliding clip. Some fading overall to the mimeographed pages but clean, some pages with slight pencil notations.

Price: $45.00

Item Description

Pre-Prints of Papers presented at the nation's first Disc File Symposium, March 6-7, 1963, Hollywood California, sponsored by Informatics, Inc

Contents include, Remote Computer Use and Disc Files (Perlis); Disc-oriented IBM-7094 System (McClung); Computer system to Minimize expected turn-around time (Cervenka); Use of the Disk File on STRETCH (Carlson and Voorhees); IBM File Concepts (Wyatt);

Characteristics of the Bryant Series 4000 File (Slover); File Storage and the Data Products dp/f-5020 DISCFILE (Sampson); Characteristircs of IBM Files (Wyatt); Tapes vs. Discs (Hess); Design Criteria for an On-Line Nation-wide order processing system (Gabrielle);

An Automatic data acquisition and inquire system using Disc Files (Edwards); Disc Files in a military supply system (Phillips); Disc File Applicaiton in a real-time, multi-computer system (hoover); A Disc-oriented remote inquiry Philco 2000 System (Reilly); Application of a disc file to message switching system (Atwood); Panel and discussion -- Other Mass Storage Techniques -- UNIVAC Fastrand Storage, Librascope Mass Memory; NCR's Card Random Access Memory - CRAM.