Item #C3164 Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery [JACM] vol 14 no 1, January 1967. Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery, JACM.

Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery [JACM] vol 14 no 1, January 1967.

Assoc for Computing Machinery, 1967; 201 pages plus adverts. IBM at rear.

Condition: very good overall, tan cardstock covers, 7x10, some edgewear to covers & small creases to corners, binding is sound, pages clean & unmarked.

Keywords: journal of the association for computing machinery, 1967 turing lectures, perlis random numbers, perlis synthesis of algorithmic systems, stack automata

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The Synthesis of Algorithmic Systems (Alan J Perlis) (the First ACM Turing Lecture, mis-spelled at top of page, Turning Lecture); Sieving Procedures on a Digital Computer (Wunderlich); Statistical Discrimination of the Synonymy / Antonymy Relationship Between Words (Lewis, Baxendale and Bennett); A Computer Program for the Nonnumerical Testing and Reduction of Sets of Algebraic Partial Differential Equations (Brans); Computable Error Bounds for Direct Solution of Linear Equations (Chartres and Geuder); A Modification of Davidon's Minimization Method to Accept Difference Approximations of Derivatives (Stewart);

A Multistep Generalization of Runge-Kutta Methods with Four or Five Stages (Butcher); Fourier Analysis of Uniform Random Number Generators (Covey and Macpherson); Binomial-Weighted Orthogonal Polynomials (Young); Subresultants and Reduced Polynomial remainder Sequences (Collins); Modified Multistep Methods based on a Nonpolynomial Interpolant (Brian Shaw); Multistep Methods with Modified Predictors and Correctors (Kohfeld and Thompson); A Remark on Post Normal Systems (Yasuhara); Stack Automata and Compiling (Seymour Ginsburg, Sheila A Greibach and Michael A Harrison).