Item #C3165 Journal of the ACM [JACM] Volume 13, Number 1, January 1966. Number 1 Journal of the ACM Volume 13, January 1966, JACM.

Journal of the ACM [JACM] Volume 13, Number 1, January 1966.

Assoc for Computing Machinery, 1966; 7x10, 175 pages.

Condition: Good overall, tan paper covers, diagonal crease across front cover, some edgewear and thumbing; slight spine slant; binding is sound though issue shows evidence of having been read; internal pages are unmarked and clean.

Keywords: ACM computing machinery journal january 1966, 1960s time sharing, sequential machines automata theory

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Program and Addressing Structure in a Time-Sharing Environment (Arden, Galler, O'Brien, Westervelt); ALPHA - An Automatic Programming System of High Efficiency (Yershov); Large Parallel Computers (Schwartz); Realization of Input-Output Relations by Sequential Machines (Gill); Index Register Allocation (Horwitz, Karp, Miller, Winograd); Ambiguity in context free languages (Ginsburg & Ullian); On the Syntax of Algorithmic Languages (Gilbert); Convergence Problems in Maehly's Second Method, Part II (Dunham:); Pseudo-Runge-Kutta Methods Involving Two Points (Byrne & Lambert); A Procedure for Nonlinear Least Squares Refinement in Adverse Practical Conditions (Maddison); A Method for the Solution of Roots of a Nonlinear Equation and for Solution of the General Eigenvalue Problem (Barlow Jr & Jones); A Note on Linear Extrapolation of Multivariable Functions by the Monte Carlo Method (Tsuda & Matsumoto); On Asymptotic Estimates in Switching and Automata Theory (Michael A. Harrison); Two Complete Axiom Systems for the Algebra of Regular Events (Salomaa); Group-Type Automata (Trauth, jr).