Item #C3167 Computer Music -- Synthesis, Composition and Performance /HCDJ 1985. Charles Dodge, Thomas A. Jerse.

Computer Music -- Synthesis, Composition and Performance /HCDJ 1985.

Schirmer Books, NY 1985; ISBN 002873100X; 381 pages, Index, diagrams, refs.

Condition: Very Good dark blue hardcover in Good dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector; erasure smudge on endpage, light textblock soiling, pages appear unread; binding is tight; jacket creases & folds, appears to have been an ill-fitting jacket to begin with from the bindery. At any rate, a clean sound copy of this.

Keywords: computer music, music by computers, acoustics, psychoacoustics, synthesis using distortion techniques, speech synthesis, computer synthesis of speech, digital filtering, computer analysis of speech, electronic music, history of electronic music, cha

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Item Description

Contents -- FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTER MUSIC - programming languages, software, measurement of sound, digital signals, use of computer in audio systems;

ACOUSTICS & PSYCHOACOUSTICS OF MUSIC - sound & ear, pitch, tuning systems, perceptions of amplitude, temperal relationships, classical & modern studies of timbre;

SYNTHESIS FUNDAMENTALS - computer instruments & unit generators, signal flow charts, oscillator, waveform, generating functions of time, instrument definition in MUSIC 4-type languages, additive synthesis, modulation, noise generators, osc. variable sampling rates, instrument designs, compositional examples, etc;

SYNTHESIS USING DISTORTION TECHNIQUES - FM synthesis, waveshaping, discrete summation formulae; SUBTRACTIVE SYNTHESIS - sources, intro to filtering, a general-purpose filter, stopband behavior, filter combination, adjustable digital filters, effect of filtering in the time domain, subtractive instruments that use noise sources, periodic sources; examples of compositional application, digital filters, recursive & nonrecursive filters;

SPEECH SYNTHESIS - physiology, acoustic phonetics, computer analysis of speech, computer synthesis of speech, format synthesis by rule, synthesis by analysis of speech, cross synthesis, editing analysis of speech, compositional applications, other synthesis methods for vocal sounds, concept of linear prediction;

REVERBERATION, AUDITORY LOCALIZATION & OTHER SOUND-PROCESS TECHNIQUES; COMPOSITION WITH COMPUTERS - aleatoric composition with computers, deterministic composition with computers;

REAL-TIME PERFORMANCE OF COMPUTER MUSIC - modes of synthesizer operation, peripheral devices for manual control of live perofrmance, conductor programs, microphone as transducer, applications of real-time computer music; Appendix, Glossary, Index.