Item #C3172 The Unsolvability of the Recognition of Linear Context-Free Language. Rosenfeld, Sheila JACM vol 13 no 4 October 1966. Greibach, digital picture processing, Greibach, unsolvability.

The Unsolvability of the Recognition of Linear Context-Free Language.

Association for Computing Machinery 1966. pp 471-629, i-iv at rear Table of Contents for entire vol.

Condition: Fair only; issue is complete but is missing the covers and all of the paper spine except the date. The pages are still all bound tightly together, and are clean with only 2 pencil notations; the first page of Rosenfeld's article is wrinkled along inner margin, and the outer margins are toned. The last pages are the Table of Contents for the entire year 1966, volume 13. This issue is complete but lacks the front & rear covers. Previous owner mistakenly dated the issue on the first page as October 1961 - that is not correct, this is the October 1966 issue.

Keywords: context free languages, unsolvability, backboard wiring, digital picture processing 1960s, image processing, pushdown automata, journal of the association for computing machinery 1966

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Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery vol 13 no 4 October 1966

CONTENTS -- Sequential Operations in Digital Picture Processing (Azriel Rosenfeld and John L Pfaltz); A Formal System for Differentiation (EK Blum); An Extension of Romberg Integration Procedures to N-Variables (Edward B Anders);

Statistical Determination of Certain Mathematical Constants and Functions Using Computers (Satya D Dubey); Analysis of the Address Assignment Problem for Clustered Keys (Junichi Toyoda, Yoshikazu Tezuka and Yoshiro Kasahara);

Two-Tape Simulation of Multitape Turing Machines (F C Hennie and R E Stearns); On the Length of Programs for Computing Finite Binary Sequences (Gregory J Chaitin); On Context-Free Languages (Rohit J Parikh);

The Unsolvability of the Recognition of Linear Context-Free Languages (Sheila A Greibach); The INdependence of Inherent Ambiguity from Complementedness Among Context-Free Languages (thomas n Hibbard and Joseph Ullian);

The Immortality Problem for Post Normal Systems (Philip K Hooper); Discrete Analogs for Continuous Filters (H Shaw); Digital One-Third Octave Spectral Analysis (C D Negron); The Placement of Computer Logic Modules (J S Mamelak).