Electronic Data Processing Systems - a self-instructional programmed manual. Leeland O'Neal.

Electronic Data Processing Systems - a self-instructional programmed manual.

Prentice-Hall NJ & IBM, 1962, 1964; 408 pages, diagrams, Glossary, Appendices.

Condition: Very Good or a bit better dark blue cloth hardcover, in Good dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector; jacket with abstract illustration of punched card 'holes'; Binding is tight & square, pages clean. Jacket with edgewear & rubbed, creases along spine ends & flap folds. Rubberstamp of Diebold corporate library on endpages with pocket at rear.

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'A thoroughly tested, comprehensive and practical programmed book that covers the basic concepts of electronic data processing systems... Appendices include Answers to the self-tests; a comprehensive examination; and a glossary' (from the jacket)

CONTENTS - DATA PROCESSING AND FLOW CHARTING - input units, processing unit, output; card reader, paper tape reader, magnetic tape unit; card punch, paper tape punch, magnetic tape unit, printer, typewriter; Card Layout - numeric, zone, field; flow Charting - rectangular block, diamond block; Processing Example, punch source cards, sort, merge, calculate, print check and statement, separate master & source cards, reproduce new master cards; Apply Processing Example to a DPS; Counter or Accumulator; Buffering; Self Test I;

DATA CODING, PRIMARY STORAGE - primary storage, binardy coded decimal, buffering methods, auxiliary storage units; Self Test 2;

MAGNETIC TAPE - records, End of Reel, Tape Mark, fields and control characters, Blocking, Tape Labels, Flow Charts, Self Test 3;

STORED PROGRAMMING, DATA FLOW - Program; Actual & Symbolic; Basic Data flow paths; I/E Cycles; Programming Problems, Self-Test 4;

LOGIC OPERATIONS - Branching; Compare; Payroll Program; Instruction Modification; Storage to Storage Operations; Self Test 5;

THE CONSOLE AND ITS USE, SYSTEM CHECKING - Console - uses, Display Lights; Automatic Checks; Programming Checks; Packaged Programs; Analyzing Console Lights; Self Test 6;

Appendices - answers to self tests; comprehensive examination; answers to comprehensive examination; Glossary; list of homemade operations used in text.