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Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, second edition 1984. Paul R. Gray, Robert G. Meyer.

Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, second edition 1984.

John Wiley & Sons, NY 1977, second edition 1984, 771 pages, Illustrs, Bibliography, Appendix, Index.
Condition: Very Good overall, dark blue cloth hardcover, titles in gilt on spine & cover, residue of adhesive on rear cover; red pencil notation and date on titlepage, neat red pencil underlines intermittently throughout. The binding is sound and secure.
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CONTENTS -- MODELS FOR INTEGRATED-CIRCUIT ACTIVE DEVICES -- Depletion Region of a pn Junction, Large-Signal Behvior of Bipolar Transistors, Small-Signal Models of Bipolar Transistors, Large-Signal Behavior of Junction Field-Effect Transitors, Small-Signal Model of JFET, Large-Signal Behavior of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors, Small-Signal Model of the MOS Transistor in Saturation;

BIPOLAR & MOS INTEGRATED-CIRCUIT TECHNOLOGY -- Basic Processes in Integrated-Circuit Fabrication, Bipolar Integrated-Circuit Fabrication, Active Devices in Bipolar Analog Integrated Circuits, Passive Components in Bipolar Integrated Circuits, Modifications to the Basic Bipolar Process, MOS Integrated-Circuit Fabrication, Active Devices in MOS Integrated Circuits, Passive Components in MOS Technology, Economics on Integrated-Circuit Fabrication, Packaging Considerations for Integrated Circuits;

SINGLE-TRANSISTOR & TWO-TRANSISTOR AMPLIFIERS -- Device Model Selection for Approximate Analysis of Analog Circuits, Basic Single-Transistor Amplifier Stages, Two-Transistor Amplifier Stages, Emitter-Coupled Pairs, Source-Coupled JFET Pairs, Device Mismatch Effects in Differential Amplifiers;

TRANSISTOR CURRENT SOURCES & ACTIVE LOADS -- Current Sources, Current Sources as Active Loads; OUTPUT STAGES -- Emitter Follower as an Output Stage, Common-Emitter Output Stage, Common-Base Output Stage, Class B (Push-Pull) Output Stages;

OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS -- Applications of Operational Amplifiers, Deviations from Ideality in Real Operational Amplifiers, Analysis of Monolithic Operational Amplifiers, Design Considerations in Monolithic Operational Amplifiers;

FREQUENCY RESPONSE OF INTEGRATED CIRCUITS -- Single Stage Amplifier Frequency Response, Multistage Amplifier Frequency Response, more;

FEEDBACK -- Ideal Feedback Equation, Gain Sensitivity, more;