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Intel iAPX 86/88, 186/188 User's Manual, Programmer's Reference 1983. Intel.

Intel iAPX 86/88, 186/188 User's Manual, Programmer's Reference 1983.

Reward Books; Intel, CA May 1983, 520 pages; diagrams, tables.
Condition: Good overall, large format softcover. Creases & edgewear to covers, backstrip worn & chipped; some creases to page corners, overall thumbwear & soiling. Binding is sound, pages are clean & unmarked.
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Contents --
INTRO TO MICROCOMPUTERS -- What is a Microcomputer, CPU, Memory, Input/Output or I/O Devices, Data, Address, & Control busses, Bus Cycles, Interrupts, Direct Memory Access, Addressing Modes, Intel Microcomputer Components;

THE iAPX 86,88,186,188 FAMILY OVERVIEW -- CPU Architecture, Memory Addressing, Interrupts, Minimum & Maximum Modes (8086,88 ONLY), 80186, 188 Extensions, 8087, 8089 I/O Processor (IOP). 80130 Operating System Firmware (OSF);

THE iAPX 86,88, & iAPX 186,188 ARCHITECTURE & INTRUCTIONS -- CPU Architecture, Register Structure, Memory Structure, I/O Port Organization, Addressing Modes, Instruction Set, 8086, 88 Programming Examples, 80186,188 Programming Examples;

iAPX 86,88 HARDWARE DESIGN OVERVIEW -- Mulitprocessing Features, Interrupt Structure; iAPX 186, 188 HARDWARE DESIGN OVERVIEW -- 801186 & 80188 CPU Enhancements, Bus Structure, Interrupts, Clock Generator, Internal Peripheral Interface, Chip Select Unit, DMA Controller, Timer Unit, Interrupt Controller;

8087 NUMERIC PROCESSOR EXTENSION -- Processor Overview, Processor Architecture, Computation Fundamentals, Instruction Set, Programming Facilities, Special Topics, Programming Examples;

8089 INPUT/OUTPUT PROCESSOR -- Processor Overview, Processor Architecture, Input/Output, Instruction Set, Addressing Modes, Programming Facilities, Programming Considerations;

80130 OPERATING SYSTEM FIRMWARE COMPONENT -- 80130 OSF Overview, Architecture, Multitasking, Multiprogramming, Intertask Coordination, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Management of Objects, Extendability, OSP Primitives, Adding iRMX 86 Features to the OSP.