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A guide to ALGOL programming. Daniel D. McCracken.

A guide to ALGOL programming.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. NY, 1962, 106 pages, diagrams, Exercises, Answers, Index.
Condition: Good overall, 8.5x11 softcover, chipping and edgewear, crimping along bottom spine end, cover corner creases; the binding is sound, pages clean with a few margin notes.
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Computers, Algorithms, & ALGOL -- Typical Applications of Computers, Steps in Solving a Problem with a Computer, What is an Algorithm, What is ALGOL;

Numbers Variables, & Expressions -- Numbers, Variables & Variable Identifiers, Arithmetic Expressions, Common Functions, Assignment Statement;

Program Organization, if-Statements, & Boolean Variables -- Elements of Program Organization, Labels & the go to Statement, if-Statement, if-Clause, Boolean Variables & Expressions, Case Study 1- Column Design, Case Study 2 - A Logical Problem in Surveying;

The for-Statement -- Further Examples of the Use of the for-Statement, Case Study 3- Heat Transfer, Case Study 4 - Luminous Efficiency;

Subscripted Variables -- Array Declarations, Subscript Expressions, Arrays & the for-Statement, Case Study 5- Determining a Median, Case Study 6- Simultaneous Linear Algebraic Equations;

Switches & Blocks -- Switches, Block Structure, How to Use Blocks Effectively, Dynamic Storage Allocation, Separate Compilation, Own Variables, Case Study 7 - Simultaneous Equations;

Procedures -- Procedure Heading & Procedure Body, Functions, Call by Name & Call by Value, Specificaitons, Machine Code in Procedure Bodies, Recursive Procedures & Calls, Case Study 8 - Special Functions, Case Study 9 - An Ordinary Differential Equation;

Input & Output -- Input & Output in ALGOL, Format Declarations, Field Specificaitons, Additonal List Features, Additional Format Features, Examples, Other Input & Output Devices.