Item #C3267 Symposium on Computer Architecture, June 5-7 1984, 11th Annual International symposium, conference proceedings. ACM IEEE.

Symposium on Computer Architecture, June 5-7 1984, 11th Annual International symposium, conference proceedings.

Computer Society Press, MI, 1984, 371 pages, Diagrams, Bibliography, references; Appendix, Index.

Condition: Very Good overall, large thick softcover, some shelfwear, front cover corner creased; binding sound, pages clean & unmarked. Double-column text.

Keywords: 1980s computer architecture, computers in the 1980s, symposium on computer architecture, computer security in the 1980s, VAX-11, vax11/780, vlsi design, REPLICA, VLSI, Multiprocessor

Categories: Computer Science, Computers and Society

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Contents includes -- (N+1)th Generation Computers; Array Processors - Vector & Array Multiprocessor Extension of the Sylvan Architecture (Burkowski), Pringle Parallel Computer (Kapauan et al), State-of-the-Art SIMD Two-Dimensional FFT Array Processor (Yasrebi et al);

Architecture for Computer Graphics - Architecture of REPLICA Special-Purpose Computer System for Active Multi-Sensory Perception of 3-Dimensional Objects (Ma & Krishnamurti); Generalized Object Display Processor Architecture (Goldwasser); Special Purpose LSI Processor Using DDA Algorithm for Image Transformation (Kawakami et al);

Non-Numerical Processors - Status of MANIP Multicomputer Architecture for Solving Combinatorial Extremum-Search Problems (Wah et al); Schuss Filter - Processor Non-Numerical Data Processing (Gonzalez-Rubio et al), Design & Implementation of VLSI Chess Move Generator (Ebeling & Palay);

Interconnection Networks - Performance Analysis of Circuit Switching Baseline Interconnection Networks (Lee & Wu); Importance of Being Square (Kruskal et al), Connection Principles of Multipath Packet Switching Networks (Chin & Hwang);

Control Unit Issues - Instruction Issue Logic for Pipelined Supercomputers (Weiss et al); Reduction of Branch Instruction Execution Overhead Using Structured Control Flow (Wedig & Rose); Fast Execution of Loops with IF Statements (Banerjee et al);

Data Base Machine - Parallel Pipelined Relational Query Processor - architectural overview (Gajski et al); Efficient VLSI Dictionary Machine (Somani, et al); Dictionary Machines with Small Number of Processors (Fisher); Caching Techniques;

Impact of Language on Architecture; Systolic Arrays; Algorithms for Array Processors;

Computer Organization, Security, & Coding; Multiprocessor Issues; Special Topics, VLSI Design; High Performance Factoring Machine; Processor Performance in VAX-11/780; Peripheral Processor PP4; MIMD Multiprocessor computers; Chaches in Multiprocessors, cache coherence problem; Cache Hit Ratios to the Cache Coherence Problem; MORE.