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Understanding Computers. Paul M. Chirlian.

Understanding Computers.

dilithium Press, OR, 1978, 193 pgs, Illustrations, Exercises.
Condition: Very Good overall, blue & green cardstock covers, softcover; previous owner's name etc. on endpage; some edgewear, scuffing & rubs to covers; binding tight, pages clean & unmarked.
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Intro -- The Computer & the Things That Can Be Done With It, The Basic Ideas of Digital Computers - The Components of a Digital Computer, Computer Construction - Microprocessors;

Number Systems -- The Basic Ideas of Number Systems, Changing From One Base to Another, Some Elementary Binary Arithmetic;

Basic Computer Elements -- Logical Notation, Gates, Interconnection of Gates to Obtain Other Gates, The Adder, The Muliplexer, Flip-Flops, Clocking, Registers, Counters, Sequence Detectors & Sequence Generators;

Memories -- Semiconductor Memories, Paralleling of Memory Devices, Magnetic RAMs, Read Only Memories-ROMs, Tape, Disk, & Drum Memories, Codes;

Basic Digital Computation -- The Basic Arithmetic Logic Unit, Modular Arithmetic, 2's Complement Arithmetic, Multiplication & Division, Floating Point Numbers, The Arithmetic Logic Unit- ALU;

The Digital Computer - The General Organization of a Digital Computer, Memory Commands - Information Transmission, Entering & Execution of Instructions, The Complete Digital Computer, Machine Language Programming, Assembler Language, Loaders, Higher Level Languages;

Computer Applications -- Comparison of Computers, Things That Can Be Done with a Computer;

Available Small Computers -- Microprocessors, Complete Small Computers, Peripherals.