Techniques of Program Structure and Design. Edward Yourdon.
Techniques of Program Structure and Design

Techniques of Program Structure and Design.

Prentice-Hall NJ, 1975 later printing; 364 pages, diagrams, Appendices, Index.

Condition: Very Good dark blue hardcover in Very Good dustjacket and jacket protector; slight shelfwear to jacket, small tear. Binding is tight, pages are clean and unmarked.

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The Characteristics of a Good Computer Program -- What Are the Qualities of a Good Programmer, What Are the Qualities of a Good Program, Some Concluding Remarks About the Goodness;

Top-Down Program Design -- Top-Down Design, Top-Down Coding, Top-Down Testing, Alternatives, Variations, & Problems with Top-Down Design, Case Studies & Examples - The IBM Chief Programmer Team Project;

Modular Programming -- Definitions of Modularity, Advantages & Disadvantages of Modularity, Techniques for Achieving Modular Programs, General-Purpose Subroutines;

Structured Programming -- History & Background of Structured Programming, Objectives & Motivation of Structured Programming, Theory & Techniques of Structured Programming, Other Aspects of Structured Programming, Considerations of Practicality in Structured Programming;

Programming Style - Simplicity & Clarity -- Review of Suggestions for Developing Simple Programs, Additional Programming Techniques for Readable Programs Problems;

Antibugging -- Arguments Against Antibugging, Aspects of a Computer Program that Require Checking, Antibugging Programming Techniques;

Program Testing Concepts -- Definitions & Concepts, Scope of the Testing Problem, Levels of Testing Complexity, Types of Errors to be Exposed by Testing, Stages of Testing, Designing Programs for Easier Testing, Automated Testing Techniques, Other Testing Techniques;

Debugging Concepts & Techniques -- Debugging Philosophies & Techniques, Common Programming Errors & Bugs, Classical Debugging Techniques, The DDT Debugging Packages, Implementation of a Simple Version of DDT; Appendices -- Class Problems & Exercises -- Money Problem, Mugwump Fertilizer Problem, Master-File Problem, Tic-Tac-Toe Problem.