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Character Recognition handbook 1967. British Computer Society / BCS.

Character Recognition handbook 1967.

British Computer Society, London 1967; 195 pages, illustrations, photographs.
Condition: Very Good overall, 7x10, softcover, limp cloth covers, orange with black letters and cover illustration. Light wear and some fading along margins of covers; binding is tight, pages clean.
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Includes black & white photographs of then-current machinery. Contents includes - Paper and printing characteristics -- physical characteristics of the paper as they may affect the reading equipment; paper requirements for printing; effects of handling on paper & print, etc;

Paper/Print Standards and fonts -- progress in font design to date; the case for standardization; design of character reading fonts; placing of characters to meet machine needs; print quality considerations, Progress envisaged, etc;

Document Handling and Transportation -- outline of an automatic document handling systems; speeds of operation; static electricity; continuous stationery readers; maintenance;

Techniques of Document Scanning and Character Recognition -- black box model of a pattern recognition machine; classes of character recognition systems; Mark reading; Magnetic Ink character recognition; Optical character recognition OCR; output; Future developments and prospects, etc;

Proprietary Equipment and Services -- Automatic Input Systems Ltd; Bureauprep Ltd; Control Data Ltd; Crosfield Electronics; De La Rue Bull; Document Transports; English Electric LEO Marconi Computers; Farrington; Honeywell Controls; IBM United Kingdom; I.B.M.; International Computers & Tabulators; Lamson Paragon; National Cash Register Company; British Olivetti; Recognition Equipment; George Waterstons & Sons;

Cost Comparisons -- Keypunching, cards or paper tape; Optical reading and writing data to magnetic tape; Turnaround system; Typing and optical reading; Comparison of costs of keypunching cards and typing & optical reading; appendix;

Systems Techniques - some practical Applications -- Westminster Bank; Bankgiro Sweden; West Midlands Gas Board; Legal and General Assurance; more.