Item #C810922 The Design and Analysis of VLSI Circuits. Lance Glasser, Daniel Dobberpuhl.

The Design and Analysis of VLSI Circuits.

Addison-Wesley, MA 1985, reprinted with corrections December 1985; 473 pages, illus., Index, refs.

Condition: Very Good hardcover in Very Good dustjacket.

Keywords: vlsi circuits, circuit design, systolic arrays, CMOS, nMOS, digital VLSI

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Item Description

Thorough book on high-performance nMOS and CMOS digital VLSI circuit design appropriate as a professional reference and as graduate textbook. Written from the perspective of the circuit designer... features a comprehensive presentation of specialized circuit techniques including sense, amplifiers, clock drivers, substrate bias generators, input protection devices, level converters and Schmitt triggers; an examination of the circuit design of large arrays and regular structures, including decoders, RAMs, ROMs, PLOAs, and systolic arrays; chapter on microarchitecture that concentrates on points of synergy between architecture and circuit design; more' (from the jacket).