VAX hardware handbook / 1982 VAX-11. Digital Equipment Corporation / DEC.

VAX hardware handbook / 1982 VAX-11.

Digital Equipment Corporation / DEC MA, 1982; 539 pages, Index, some photographs, diagrams.

Condition: Good+ overall, white cardstock covers, softcover; some edgewear and corner creases to covers, slight crimp along upper back spine. Pages are secure, tight; clean and unmarked, and still bright white.

Keywords: DEC, digital equipment corporation, VAX-11, hardware handbook, computers in the 1980s, 1982, minicomputers

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Includes technical specification for the processors, as Appendices. Contents includes -- An introduction to VAX, the VAX family, architecture overview, software and hardware overview etc; The VAX-11/730 -- Console subsystem - modes, temrinals, command language, integral TU58 tape drives, booting the VAX-11/730 system; VAX-11/730 central processor - introd, programmed array logic technology, hardware elements;

Vax-11/730 Main Memory subsystem -- control and status registers, error checking and corrections etc; Unibus Subsystem -- summary, adapter, processor access to unibus, unibus initiated data transfersDMF32 communications board; Privileged Registers - console terminal registers, TU58 registers, time-of year clock and interval timer registers; floating point accelerator register;

The VAX-11/750 -- Console subsystem - front panel, console terminal, command language, cartridge tape drive, booting etc; CPU - gate array technology, hardware elements; Main Memory subsystem; Unibus subsystem; Massbus subsystem - MBA registers, MBA access, etc; Prvileged registers - terminal, cloc machine check error summary register MCESR, status MCSR; transaltion buffer groups disable, cache disable etc;

The VAX-11/780 -- console subsystem, Q bus, V bus, console error messages, booting the VAX-11/780, default bootstrap command procedure etc; central processor; Synchronous Backplane interconnect; Main Memory subsystem, battery backup etc; Unibus subsystem, SBI unjam, power fail and initialization etc; Massbus subsystem, MBA access; Interconnects and the VAX-11/782, 32-bit parallel interface, much more; 780 privileged registers; Vax system dependability; Appendices, Glossary, and Index including technical specifications for the processors etc.