The 68000 -- Principles and Programming. Leo Scanlon.

The 68000 -- Principles and Programming.

Blacksburg continuing education series; Howard Sams PA 1981, 1984 third printing; 237 pages, index.

Condition: Very Good+ clean, tight binding, unmarked pages; appears unread.

Keywords: 68000, motorola 68000, microprocessors, , 16-bit microprocessor, vintage data books, vintage handbooks

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Covers such areas as Motorola's Cross Macro Assembler; the 68000 instruction set and its 14 addressing modes; built-in multipy and divide instructions of the 68000; example programs that concern list and look-up table operations; description of the 64 pins of the 68000 IC;

support circuits which can be interfaced to the 68000; overview of the system hardware and software support products available for the 68000; details about this microprocessor and how to program it.