Soviet Cybernetics Review 1970 Historical survey of Soviet Computers, photographs etc. Wade Holland, project RAND RAND.

Soviet Cybernetics Review 1970 Historical survey of Soviet Computers, photographs etc.

volume 4 number 1 January 1970; 83 pages, double-column text, photographs, illustrations.

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Keywords: USSR computers, soviet computers, russian computers, , computing in the USSR, computers in Russia, computing in Russia, cybernetics, RAND, RAND reports, Project Rand

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The January issue features a major historical survey of Soviet computer technology, including photographs of nearly all Soviet computers in operation today. The article covers Soviet computer development, beginning with an analog device in 1941 and continuing through current efforts to incorporate integrated circuit technology, including the Ryad project which is aimed at eventual production of System/360-compatible hardware.

The Mir-2 computer with graphic terminal light pen is discussed. Overheating in vacuum tube computers, a nagging problem for the Soviets, is explored. Other articles probe computerized crime detection, automated machine system development, computerized national economic planning, automation in the State Bank, and use of computers in planning Western Basin fishing fleet operations.

CONTENTS -- Glushkov Announces Mir-2 with Light Pen Terminal; Soviet Computers - a Historical Survey; State Prizes Awarded; Reliability Statistics for the BESM-2; Automation of the State Bank; the STEM special-purpose computer;

Achievements in the technical and Mathematical sciences 1968; the Vassal Language; the Computer - detective and sociologist; Automation of Production - the Party view; Scientific basis for Management; Automated design evaluation; ASPR; an emotional Computer; Will Thinking Machines become man's enemy; Industry and production in the year 2000 predictions; Will Automation cause unemployment in the USSR; Romanian Conference on Economic Cybernetics; new books and press review, cartoon, conferences, who's who, brief items, highlights and more.