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An Introduction to Cybernetics, 1963.

Science Editions, Wiley & Sons, NY 1956, 1963, 295 pages, illustrations, Index.
Condition: Very Good overall, green/black illus. on cover, cardstock covers, 7x9, softcover; some shelfwear esp. along rear spine and scuffing to covers, margins and corners; binding is sound, pages clean and unmarked.
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Includes chapters on Mechanism -- change, the determinate machine, the machine with input, feedback, stability, the black box, variety, transmission; incessant transmission, the Markov chain, noise, entropy etc; regulation and control, the error-controlled regulator, regulating the very large system, amplifying regulation, more

Contents include What is New - peculiaritis & uses of cybernetics; MECHANISM -- Change - Transformation, Repeated change; The Determinate Machine - Vectors; The Machine with Input -- Coupling systems, Feedback, Independence within a whole, very large system; Stability -- Disturbance, Equilibrium in part and whole; The Black Box -- Isomorphic machines, Homomorphic machines, The very large Box, The incompletely observable Box;

VARIETY> -- Quantity of Variety - Constraint, Importance of constraint, Variety in machines; Transmission of Variety - Inversion, Transmission from system to system, Transmission through a channel; Incessant Transmission - The Markov chain, Entropy, Noise; REGULATION & CONTROL -- Reg. in Biological Systems - Survival; Requisite Variety - The Law, Control, Some variations; The Error-Controlled Regulator - The Markovian machine, Markovian regulation, Determinate regulation, The power amplifier, Games and strategies; Regulating the Very Large System - Repetitive disturbance, Designing the regulator, Quantity of selection, Selection and machinery; Amplifying Regulation - What is an amplifier, Amplification in the brain, Amplifying intelligence.