Computers and Man. Richard Dorf.

Computers and Man.

Boyd & Fraser Publishing Co, CA 1974, 469 pages, index, illustrations & photographs.

Condition: Good+ overall, large yellow & green cardstock covers, softcover; some edgewear to covers, light creasing; ex-corporate library pocket inside cover, some rubberstamps; binding is sound, pages clean.

Keywords: richard dorf, computers in education, computer art, computers and the future, social consequences of computers

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Item Description

'Adapted from Dorf's highly successful Introduction to Computers and Computer Science (1972)... explores the history, operation, economics and applications of computer technology and its significance...' (from the rear cover)

Contents -- computers & computer science, growth in the number of computers & their applications;

A History of Computers - prehistoric & early counting devices; from mechanical devices to modern computers; The Nature of Computers and computing - information processing and the electronic digital computer; Problem Solving & Algorithms, flow charts etc;

Computer Components - input/output systems and peripheral equipment, storage devices etc;

Business Data Processing and Management Information Systems, including essay by Peter F Drucker, What the Computers Will Be Telling You;

Data Banks, Information Retrieval and Libraries, privacy etc;

Simulation and Games - computer modeling & simulation, Altman & Brody on the Art of using Computers to Model Human Personality; computer games, more;

Computers Around the World - south america, western europe and asis; USSR and eastern europe; Computers in Urban and Government Systems;

Computers in the Arts - visual arts, music & dance etc; includes Michael Noll, The Digital Computer as a Creative Medium; Applications of Computers - in medicine, law enforcement, applications in transportation and aerospace, in education etc; a photo-essay from The Dynamics of Change; Alpert & Blitzer, Advances in Computer-based Education;

Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and the Social Consequences of Computers, incl Turing - Can A Machine Think; A C Clarke, Are you Thinking Machines; Brautigan, All Watrched over by Machines of Loving Grace; Wiener, Some Moral and Technical Consequences of Automation and a refutation by Samuel; the Computer and the Poet, by norman cousins;

Computers and the Future, includes a chapter on Computers and Information Systems in the Years 1977 - 2000; and Expected Fourth-Generation Characteristics by Rector etc.