Calculating Instruments and Machines, second printing 1953.

Univ of Illinois Press, 1949, second printing 1953; 138 pages, diagrams, photographs.

Condition: Good+ rustorange colored cloth, hardcover, no dustjacket, title on spine; ex-corporate library numerals on lower spine, gluestains from old cardpocket on front & rear pastedowns; shelfwear at spine ends, hinges a bit tender. Pages secure, clean & unmarked.

Keywords: douglas hartree, calculating instruments, charles babbage, eniac, harvard mark I, analytical engine, differential analyzer, differential analyser, calculating machines

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CONTENTS - introduction; The Differential Analyzer -- the nature of the problem of instrumental solution of differential equations; Integrating Mechanisms; The general idea of the Differential Analyzer; General Structure of the earlier forms of Differential Analyzer; A new Differential Analyzer; Using the Differential Analyzer; Regenerative Connections; Automatic Generation of any function; Other Forms of Differential Analyzer; Boundary Conditions in Numerical & Mechanical Integration of Differential Equations; Applications; The Differential Analyser and Partial Differential Equations -- introduction; Replacement of t-Derivative by a finite difference; Replacement of x-derivative; Discussion of the two methods; examples of applicatioin to equations of parabolic type; Hyperbolic Equations; use of Characteristics; Some Other Instruments -- solution of simultaneous linear algebraic equations; the Isograph; Fourier Synthesisers; Integrating Instruments; Directors;

Intro. to Large Automatic Digital Machines -- historical; Structure & function in calculating machines; Functions to be provided in an Automatic Digital Machine; Representation of Numbers in the Machine; Arithmetical Operations; Serial (Successive) and Parallel (Simultaneous) Operations; Static & Dynamic Storage; Control & the Form of the Operating Instructions;

Charles Babbage & the Analytical Engine -- Babbage's Calculating Engines; Babbage's Analytical Engine; control in the Analytical Engine; Organization of Calculations for the Analytical Engine;

The First Stage of Development -- the Harvard Mark I Calculator; control in the Harvard Mark I Machine; Relay Machine; The Eniac; Control in the ENIAC; Centralised control system of the Eniac. The I.B.M. Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator; An Application of the ENIAC; The 'Machine's-eye-view' in Programming a Calculation;

Projects & Prospects -- The Main Directions of Development; Storage Systems; Serial Machines Using Delay Line Storage; Functional Analysis of Serial machines; Arithmetical Operation; control; Parallel machines; other types of machine; Programming & Coding;

High-Speed Automatic Digital Machines & Numerical Analysis -- iterative methods; Simultaneous Algebraic equations; solution of ordinary differential equations; with one point boundary conditions; two-point boundary conditions; partial differential equations; References; Index of names, subject index.