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A History of Engineering and Science in the Bell System -- National Service in War and Peace (1925 - 1975). M. D. Fagen Bell Telephone Laboratories.

A History of Engineering and Science in the Bell System -- National Service in War and Peace (1925 - 1975).

Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc, 1978, stated first edition; 757 pages, Index, photographs, Bibliography.
Condition: Good+ or a bit better overall, dark blue cloth hardcover with gilt decor on cover and title on spine; ex-technical college library, rubberstamps on fore-edge; pocket at rear. Slight shelfwear at spine ends and tips. Thick book with hinges a bit tender, but secure and sound binding overall and pages are clean and unmarked.
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The World War II Period -- Bell System technology enters its second fifty years; role in military research & development; events leading to the war effort; Bell Laboratories mobilizes for war; scope of the wartime effort; the human side;

Radar -- background; technology -- radar transmitter; receiver; modulator or pulser; antenna; duplexing; video and indicator systems; measurement of angles, range measurement, radar data transmission, microwave propagation etc; Radar Systems - shipboard, submarine, ground-based, airborne etc; Magnetron research and development; radar test equipment, the British breakthrough, The Bell Labs and Western Electric contribution, more;

Electrical Computers for Fire Control -- Electrical analog computers - the dream, early planning for an antiaircraft director, development of the T-10 director, M-9 and its companions, fire control for coast artillery etc; Other wartime analog computer applications;

Digital Computers -- to relay digital computers; wartime relay digital comptuers; postwear relay digital computers for the military; Acoustics -- underwater applications; Ground and above-ground applications; high-power auditory systems, etc;

Communications -- the common carrier network; the global military communication network; role of the teletypewriter network; Secure speech transmission, Bell work on privacy systems, project X a true secrecy system for speech; Mobile radio systems; Multichannel microwave radio relay system, etc;

POST-WORLD WAR II, 1945 - 1975 -- Air defense; Underwater Systems, signal processing etc; Radar; Tactical and Strategic defense systems, guidance system to space applications; Command and Control; Communications - communications studies by Navy, Army, Air Force etc; Defense Communication Agency; SAGE; switching systems etc; Military Systems Engineering and Research - military transistor development, Transistorized digital computers for military projects, chirp technique, antennas, more;

Special Projects - Sandia and Bellcomm - Sandia Labs early years, middle years etc history; Bellcomm, manned space-flight program, Apollo etc. much more. Includes Bibliography, photographs, index.