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A Comparative Study of Programming Languages, Macdonald Computer Monographs. Bryan Higman.

A Comparative Study of Programming Languages, Macdonald Computer Monographs.

Macdonald, London, 1967; 164 pages, Index, bibliography.
Condition: Very Good overall, black hardcover in Very Good dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Jacket is white with blue illustration of computer papertape; the first in this series of Monographs, edited by Stanley Gill. Jacket has some edgewear & chipping. Binding is sound although there is a slight upward bow to the front board; the pages are secure, clean & unmarked.
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Contents -- introduction - a language for illustrations; preliminary definitions; objectives, maintenance; The nature of language in general - natural and artificial languages, evolution in programming languages; syntax & semantics; the communication of algorithms; the nature of computation; pure procedures; classification of languages; the role of names in a programming language; Recursion -- the nature of recursion, applications of recursion, misc. comments; Polish notation;

Theory of Names -- names and codewords; lambda notation, recursive functions in lambda notation; assignment as an all-purpose imperative; implications of assignment; literals, notation for literals; a formal theory of names; Systems aspects -- semantics of layout; traps; system programming; Formal Language Structure -- basic principles of formal grammar; illustions; further developments; context-free and other grammars; Pseudo-context free languages; simplifying properties of grammars; formal semantics; Macrogenerator -- syntax; semantics; further details of the language; examples;

From Machine Code to Fortran -- machine code; assembly code; grammar of machine codes; early autocodes; autocode and Fortran compared; Jovial; Cobol -- programme structure; the environment division; further details; the data division; the procedure division; Algol -- the development of the procedure; calling styles; higher level facilities; criticisms; List processing languages -- Lisp notation; procedural list processing languages; IPL-V; future developments; C.P.L. and the IBM Share Issue -- immediate impressions; methods of approach; detailed objectives; general syntax; some mis. points - side effects and conditionals; types; attributes; procedure attributes; other address types; loop facilities; unique features;

Input and Output -- early languages; Algol and Algol / IFIP; Algol/ACM; input/output in PL/I; Input/output in CPL; conclusion; Miscellaneious topics -- special purpose languages; new facilities; generalized type manipulation; open ended languages; subsets of English; Ross's algorithmic theory of language; parsing algorithm, precedence algorithm; further comments. Bibliography; Index.