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Research and Development in the Computer and Information Sciences, 3 volumes complete. volumes 1 US Dept of Commerce NBS Monograph 113, 3, 2.

Research and Development in the Computer and Information Sciences, 3 volumes complete.

US Dept of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards, Monograph 113, 3 volumes complete; 1970, 165 pages, 125 pages, and 14.
Condition: Good to very good overall, all three volumes 8.5x11 yellow & yellowgreen cardstock covers, softcover; ex-university library with tape along spines; bindings are tight, pages clean with some rubberstamps internally. Three volumes look as if they were removed from a larger paper binding at one time, with remains of paper along the spines.
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Research and Development in the Computer and Information Sciences, 3 volumes, volume I Information Acquisition, Sensing, and Input -- a Selective Literature Review; Volume 2 -- Processing, Storage, and Output Requirements in Information-processing Systems - a selective Literature Review; Volume 3 -- Overall System Design Considerations - a selective Literature review.

Includes sections on information processing system, character recognition systems, an experimatntal ISSR system in the USSR; information acquisition, source data automation, and remote data collection; commuication systems and data transmission links, voice and digital data transmission, graphic and facsimile transmission; computer systems and communication networks, sotre and forward techniques and delayed response, technical problem areas;

Audio and graphic inputs, pictorial and three-dimensional data input etc; Preprocessing operations and pattern recognition, filtering and feature extraction, optical character recogntion, recognition of handprinted characters, handwriting, geometric shapes etc; speech and speaker recognition; Vol 2 - management of multiple-access systems, scheduling, queuing and priorities etc; Storage, file organization and associative memory requirements;

Mass storage considerations, digital vs facsimile storage, storage and retrieval systems etc; Output and post-processing requirements, graphic outputs and displays, machine-aided design, computer-assisted instruction and problem-solving; Multiple output modes - audio, speech synthesis and speech compression; three-dimensional, color and motion picture outputs; multi-media and special purpose outputs; System output to microform and hard copy, line printers, photocomposition and computer-controlled character and symbol generation; Vol 3 - resources analysis, problems of system networking, I/O, terminal design, character sets, etc;

Programming Problems and languages and processor design considerations, programming theory; processor and storage system design considerations; Advanced Hardware development - lasers, photochronics, holography and other optoelectronic techniques; batch fabrication and integrated circuits; advanced data storage developments - high-speed, special purpose, associative or content-addressable memories; high-density data recording and storage techniques; Debugging, on-line diagnosis, instrumentation and problems of simulation; more.

'A series of reports involving selective literature reviews of research and development requirements and areas of continuing R&D concern in the computer science and information technologies' . .