Item #C811011 From Problem to Program, the matchbox computer; SMP Computing. M. E Wardle, School Mathematics Project.

From Problem to Program, the matchbox computer; SMP Computing.

Cambridge University Press 1972, 129 pages, index, answers to exercises; diagrams; Computing in Mathematics.

Condition: Good+ overall, small maroon paper-over-boards, hardcover, ex-university rubberstamp on pastedowns, binding sound but pages lie flat when opened; pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: matchbox computer, building a computer, computer basics, introduction to computers

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Includes Sections on The Computer (input, store, arithmetic unit, output, control unit, other hardware; the matchbox computer -- storage); Arithmetic Instructions (dry check, 3-address instructions, economy of storage, output instructions;

The matchbox computer -- output); Flow charts (types of data, inut instruction; The matchbox computer -- input instruction; drawing flow charts, stages in writing a program, graph plotting, stored program, The matchbox computer -- program store; Jump Instructions; Conditional Jump Instructions; the matchbox computer -- false data; Subroutines for functions; From Problem to Program;

Appendix - running your programs on a computer; solutions to exercises; Index.
'The matchbox computer is developed alongside each new idea and this can be used as an optional project simulating every aspect of the computer, from simple arithmetic to the full stored program facility. Much of the eary development of the matchbox computer was originated by J D Tinsley...' (from the preface).