Item #C811024 Proceedings of the IRE volume 37 number 4, April 1949. Institute of Radio Engineers.

Proceedings of the IRE volume 37 number 4, April 1949.

IRE 1949, pp 338 - 464 inclusive, plus sep. numbered adverts. at front and rear. Whole issue in original wraps, as issued.

Condition: Good overall, blue and white paper wraps, stapled binding as issued. Some smudges and creases to front cover, some rubbing at ends and along spine; wear at head and tail of spine with loss of spine paper at lower end, with the date beginning to peel away. Ooverall dinginess and slight mustiness. Binding is tight, however, and the pages unmarked. With original Table of Contents page intact after front matter advertisements.

Keywords: Proceedings of the IRE 1949, proceedings of the IRE, institute of radio engineers, vintage radio, vintage engineering, vintage magazines, doppler radar, signal to noise ratio, radar echoes, magnetrons, cyclotron, cyclotron oscillator

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Item Description

Includes -- New Standards on Electroacoustics: Definitions of Electroacoustic Terms Issued for Trial and Study (Dietze, E.); Doppler Radar (Barlow, E.J.); Signal-to-Noise-Ratio Improvement in a PCM System (Clavier, A.G.; Panter, P.F.; Dite, W.); Temperature Variations of Ground-Wave Signal Intensity at Standard Broadcast Frequencies (Gracely, F.R.); A Phenomenological Theory of Radar Echoes from Meteors (McKinley, D.W.R.; Millman, P.M.);

A Spiral-Beam Method for the Amplitude Modulation of Magnetrons (Donal, J.S., Jr.; Bush, R.R.); Measured Noise Characteristics at Long Transit Angles (Lavoo, N.T.); The Response of Frequency Discriminators to Pulses (Grant, E.F.); A Consideration of Directivity in Waveguide Directional Couplers (Rosen, S.; Bangert, J.T.); Discussion on 'Influence of Reproducing System on Tonal-Range Preferences' (Howard A. Chinn and Philip Eisenberg);

Discussion on 'The Application of Matrices to Vacuum-Tube Circuits' (J. S. Brown and F. D. Bennett); Books; Abstracts and References; more.