Item #C811029 Proceedings of the IRE volume 37 number 10, October 1949. Institute of Radio Engineers.

Proceedings of the IRE volume 37 number 10, October 1949.

IRE 1949, pp 1106 - 1232 inclusive, plus sep. numbered adverts at front & rear. Whole issue in original wraps, as issued.

Condition: Good overall; blue and white paper wraps, stapled binding as issued. Some smudges and overall dinginess to covers; some rubbing at ends and along spine; wear at head and tail of spine with slight loss of paper at lower spine; foxing and dinginess with some mustiness overall. Binding is tight, however, and the pages unmarked. With original Table of Contents page intact after front matter advertisements.

Keywords: Proceedings of the IRE 1949, proceedings of the IRE, institute of radio engineers, vintage radio, vintage engineering, vintage magazines, vintage electronics, aucio frequency measurements, signal to noise ratios, power filters

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Item Description

Includes -- The Radio Engineer and the Armed Services (Tinus, W.C.); Audio-Frequency Measurements (Black, W.L.; Scott, H.H.); Error-Actuated Power Filters (Newstead, G.; Gibbings, D.L.H.); Signal-to-Noise Ratios of Linear Detectors (Delano, R.H.); A Video-Frequency Noise-Spectrum Analyzer (Jastram, P.S.; McCouch, G.P.); Terminal Impedance and Generalized Two-Wire-Line Theory (King, R.; Tomiyasu, K.);

On the Energy-Spectrum of an Almost Periodic Succession of Pulses (MacFarlane, G.G.); Problems Related to Measuring the Field Strength of High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (Truell, R.); Detection at Radio Frequencies by Superconductivity (Lebacqz, J.V.; Clark, C.W.; Williams, M.C.; Andrews, D.H.); Generalized Theory of the Band-Pass Low-Pass Analogy (Aigrain, P.R.; Teare, B.R., Jr.; Williams, E.M.); Waves and Electrons Section; Abstracts and References; More.