80386 -- a Programming and Design Handbook. Penn Brumm, Don Brumm, Brumm.

80386 -- a Programming and Design Handbook.

TAB books, PA 1987, stated first edition, first printing; 452 pages, glossary, diagrams.

Condition: Very Good overall, large thick square softcover, small dimpled marks on front cover extending impressions lightly onto first few pages of table of contents; last few pages lower corners a bit dogearred. Binding is secure and sound, with a vertical crease; pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: Intel 32-bit processor, 20836 chip, 80386 instruction set, 80386 architecture, assembly language programming

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Item Description

Sections with multiple chapters in each; includes -- Intro to the 80386 - 32-bit Processor overview, data types, registers; Selectors and Descriptors; Interrupts and Exceptions; Memory - organization; interfacing; cache memory; Interfacing /B>- local bus and input/output; Prvilege and Protection, Pipelining, Multitasking;

Hardware and Hardware Subsystems - controllers, coprocessors, 82384 clock generator; thermal characteristics, hardware building and debugging, PAL descriptions (Programmable Array Logic); Programming the 80386-- software system design, language elements, addressing modes, instruction set overview, virtual 8086 environment, 80386 real-address mode, more; 80386 programming Notes; 80386 Instruction Set;

Introduction to Integrated Circuits, IC packaging, more; Interfacing Concepts; Memory Organization; Improving System performance;

Appendices -- Integrated Circuits and Intel - new Design Concept -- the 4004 chip; the 8008 chip; the 8080 chip; the 8080A chip; the 8085A chip; the 8086 Chip; the 8088 chip; the 80186 chip; the 80286 chip; the 80386 chip; Appendix 2 - register, bits, and flags listing; Acronyms and letter groups; Multibus I/II and the 80386; Appendix 5 - Instructions used in Protected Mode and a Sample Program; Glossary, Bibliography, Index

'Included is detailed coverage of the 80386 architecture, assembly language programming, and multi-tasking and multiprocessing. A full 80386 instruction set and appendices designed to give you a full understanding of the potentials offered by this revolutionary new microprocessor...' (from the rear cover) Intel's Revolutionary new 32-bit processor, a major breakthrough in desktop computing possibilities.