Item #C811052 The Codasyl Approach to Data Base Management. T. William Olle.

The Codasyl Approach to Data Base Management.

John Wiley & Sons NY 1978, 287 pages, index.

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Keywords: codasyl, data base management in the 1970s, database management in the 1970s, business applications in the 1970s, computer applications in the 1970s

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Item Description

Contents includes -- Historical Perspective - origin of terms; early CODASYL work; more recent CODASYL work to 1978;

Components of a DBMS; Basic Structuring Concepts; Mapping Record Types to Storage; Mapping a Set Type to Storage; Set Order and Search Keys; Storage Class and Removal Class; Other Data Administrator Facilties; Schema DDL Syntax; Sub-schema Concepts; Data Manipulation Language concepts;

READY and FINISH; DML updating statements; Other DML statements; Privacy System

Device Media Control language; Restructuring; the TOTAL approach; the IMS approach; the ADABAS approach; Relational approach, codasyl networks etc.

'Intended as a tutorial text on one approach to data base management, namely that espoused by the CODASYL organization between 1967 and 1971 and perpetuated in the numerous reports published by CODASYL between 1968 and 1975. There are several commercial implementations of this approach available, best known of which are Univac's DMS 1100; Honeywell's IDS/2; Cullinane's IDMS available on IBM machines and also on ICL machines; and Siemens' UDS. ' (from the preface).