Item #C811055 Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery, volume 3, number 4, October 1956. Baker, Householder, IBM 701, PACT I.

Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery, volume 3, number 4, October 1956.

ACM 1956; pp 265 - 404 inclusive; diagrams, illustrations,references.

Condition: Very Good overall, tan wrappers, some wrinkling to spine paper, a bit of thumbing to the pages but clean and sound.

Keywords: IBM 701, Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery 1956, PACT I, digital computer newsletter, SAGE, DEUCE, computer centers, computers in the 1950s

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Item Description

Majority of issue focuses on the PACT I ( P A C T I ) and the IBM Type 701; includes the Digital Computer Newsletter which was printed at the rear of the Journal.

Contents include -- editors' note; A Description of a Cooperative Venture in the Production of an Automatic Coding System (Melahn);

The PACT I Coding System for the IBM Type 701 (Charles L Baker); Logical Organization of the PACT I Compiler (Mock); Producing Computer Instructions for the PACT I Compiler (Robert C Miller, jr and Bruce G Oldfield); PACT Loop Expansion (Hempstead & Jules I Schwartz); Semi-Automatic Allocation of Data Storage for PACT I (Derr and Luke); COnclusions after using the PACT I Advanced Coding Technique (Greenwald and Hartin); On the Convergence of Matrix Iterations (Alston S Householder);

Higher order differences in the Analogue solution of partial differential equations (Fisher); Prevention of Propagation of Machine Errors in Long Problems (Brown, John W Carr III, Larrowe and McReynolds); The Digital Approximation of Contours (Mason); Arithmetical Analysis of Digital Computing Nets (Richard C Jeffrey);

book reviews -- W J Eckert and Rebecca Jones - Faster, Faster; reviewed by MC Gray; and Automata Studies, by C E Shannon and J McCarthy, reviewed by E N Gilbert ; news and notices; Digital Computer Newsletter -- Office of Naval Research ONR, volume 8 no. 4, October 1956, reprinted as a supplement to this Journal, includes reports from various computer centers and installations of computers around the USA and internationally, as well as reports on components, reliability, etc. This issue includes First SAGE Computer Installed; LARC; Stock Exchange automation; Univac Scientific 1103A; Whirlwind I; DEUCE in England; Cardatron punched card input-output system and Datatron floating point control unit; more.