Item #C811067 Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, volume 16 no. 3, July 1968.

Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, volume 16 no. 3, July 1968.

AES, Audio Engineering Society, NY 1968; pp 258-384 inclusive, double-column text, photographs, diagrams, references, advertisements, etc.

Condition: Good overall, red and black and white covers, 8.5x11 journal, binding is sound and secure but spine and approimately one-third of front cover is discolored from old dampstain and dripmarks, which has caused the red of the cover to bleed to pink. Cosmetic only, does not affect any internal text pages or integrity of spine and binding. Internal pages clean and unmarked and secure.

Keywords: audio, audio engineering, 1960s, synchronous sound, video, scanning electron microscope, phonographs, acoustic

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Articles include -- The Scanning Electron Microscope - a new tool in disc-recording research (Woodward, Coutts and Levin);

Speed, Pitch and Timing Errors in Tape Recording and Reproducing (McKnight); Longitudinal Noise in Audio Circuits (Augustadt and Kannenberg); FCC Regulations governing the Audio Fidelity Characteristics of FM Broadcast Equipment (Robinson and Whipple);

The Standards Activities of the Institute of High Fidelity (von Recklinghausen); Synchronous Sound for Motion Pictures (Ryder); Conferencing with Pitch-excited CHannel Vocoders (Helms); A Completely Solid-state Audio follow Video Switching System (Stoll); the Acoustic Treatment of THree Small Studios (Everest); Automatic Audio Level Control (Connor and Putnam);

Design Factors and Considerations in Full Complementary Symmetry Audio power amplifiers (Haas); An Improved Audiometric Earphone (Howard);

plus letters to the editor, regular departments, advertisements and more. This issue includes 6 pages of black and white photographs plus captions and commentary, on the Convention in Hollywood of the AES the 34th, including booth photos of Harmon Kardon, Electrodune Corporation, Vega, Doby, Moog, Scully and Tabor, Hewlett Packard, Fairchild, Leo Baranek presenting awards, more.