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The Programming Language LISP -- its operation and applications. Edmund C. Berkeley, Daniel Bobrow, Inc Information International.

The Programming Language LISP -- its operation and applications.

MIT Press, MA, 1964, third printing March 1967; 385 pages, Index, appendices.
Condition: Very good overall, white and orange cardstock covers, 5.5x8 size. Cover is scuffed and shows rubbing, old foxing and stains to lower front cover. The spine has vertical creases but the binding is sound and secure. Internal pages are clean and unmarked.
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Work reported here by authors Edmund C Berkeley, L Peter Deutsch, Mark Finkelstein, Edward Fredkin, Elaine Gord, WIlliam Henneman, Malcolm Pivar, and Robert A Saunders was supported entirely or largely by Information International Inc. under contract with the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), Dept. of Defense. Work reported here by authors Daniel G Bobrow, Timothy P Hart, Michael I Levin, L A Lombardi, and Bertram Raphael was mainly or partially supported by Project MAC, an M.I.T. research program sponsored by ARPA... ' (from the Acknowledgements).

CONTENTS (with more detailed contents under each article) --
Part I - Elementary -- LISP, a simple introduction ( Berkeley); LISP, on the programming system (Saunders); LISP, 240 Exercises with Solutions (Hart and Levin); Notes on the Debugging of LISP programs (Gord); Styles of Programming in LISP (Black);

Part II - Advanced -- Techniques Using LISP for automatically discovering interesting Relations in Data (Fredkin); Automation, using LISP, of Inductive Inference on Sequences (Pivar and Finkelstein); Application of LISP to Machine Checking of Mathematical Proofs (Abrahams); METEOR - a LISP interpreter for String transformations (Bobrow); Notes on Implementing LISP for the M-460 Computer (Hart and Evans); LISP as the Language for an incremental computer (Lombardi and Raphael); The LISP Systemf or the Q-32 Computer (Saunders); An auxiliary language for more natural expression - the A-Language (Henneman);

Part III - Appendices -- The LISP Program for METEOR (Bobrow); The LISP Program for inductive Inference on Sequences (Pivar and Gord); THe LISP listing for the Q-32 Compiler, and some samples (Saunders); The LISP Program for the A-Language (Henneman); The LISP Implentation for the PDP-1 Computer (Deutsch and Berkeley); Index for Part I of the LISP 1.5 Manual (Berkeley and Bobrow); A LISP Interpreter for the Q-32 (Saunders).