Principles and Practice of Digital ICS and LEDS. Don Inbody.

Principles and Practice of Digital ICS and LEDS.

TAB Books, PA 1984, stated first edition, first printing; 277 pages, index, glossary, diagrams and photographs. ISBN 0830602771.

Condition: Very Good glossy covers, hardcover, 5.5x9 size, slight wear at cornertips and spine ends; binding is tight and secure, pages are clean and unmarked. A nice copy of this.

Keywords: computer hobbyists, home brew computing, breadboards, how-to manual, TTL, CMOS, LEDs, ICs, integrated circuits

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A practical, hands-on guide to understanding and using digital integrated circuits and LED readouts. Contents include -- Digital basics - digital logic, TTL and CMOS, block diagrams etc; getting started - tools, breadboards, test equipment, components, power supplies etc; Light Emitting Diodes; Building Blocks; Construction Techniques; Troubleshooting; Projects -- logic probe; electronic game box; electronic metronome; executive decision maker; TTL design aid, more; DIgital Timer Projects including an analog/digital clock; Fundamentals of electricity; Selected Integrated Circuits and LED displays; References; sources of components; Schematic diagram symbols.