Item #C811092 Proceedings of the Western Joint Computer Conference 1961, Los Angeles, California. Minsky, IRE/AIEE/ACM, McCarthy, Simon.
Proceedings of the Western Joint Computer Conference 1961, Los Angeles, California
Proceedings of the Western Joint Computer Conference 1961, Los Angeles, California

Proceedings of the Western Joint Computer Conference 1961, Los Angeles, California.

IRE, AIEE, ACM 1961, 661 pages, double-column text, some illustrations and photographs.

Condition: Good+ to very good, oversized hardcover, sunning and toned at outer margins, exlibrary markings on textblock fore-edges and label scraped off with remains at lower spine end; the binding is sound and secure with just a bit of play in it; interior pages are clean and unmarked. Original light-blue-green cardstock covers bound-in, with some old smudges and prev. owner's name, slight pencil erasures etc. on cover.

Keywords: minsky, artificial intelligence, learning machines, information retrieval, automata theory, neural models, perceptrons, John McCarthy computation, herbert simon, feigenbaum, mccarthy, computer games, history of programming, western joint computer co

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; institute of radio engineers professional group on electronic computers, AIEE committee on computing devices, ACM Association for Computing Machinery
Includes an important paper in the history of cognitive science -- Feigenbaum, E. A. The simulation of verbal learning behavior, pp 121-132; also the following papers cited in Hook & Norman, The Origins of Cyberspace -- OOC 740; minsky, OOC 797; mccarthy, OOC 778; simon, OOC 906.

Technical papers delivered at the Conference, include -- DIGITAL SIMULATION -- Simulation, a survey (Harman); Management Games and Computers (kibbee); An On-line Management System Using English Language (Vazsonyi); APplication of Digital Simulation Techniques to Highway Design Problems (Glickstein & Levy); The Use of Manned Simulation in the Design of an Operational Control System (Geisler, Steger, RAND)

MICROSYSTEM ELECTRONICS -- A Survey of Microsystem Electronics (Meyers); Testing of Micrologic Elements (Anderson); Interconnection Techniques for Semiconductor Networks (Kilby); Microsystem Computer Techniques (Luedicke, Medwin);

MODELLING HUMAN MENTAL PROCESSES -- Modelling Human Mental Processes (HA Simon); The Simulation of Verbal Learning Behavior (Feigenbaum); Simulation of Behavior in the Binary CHoice Experiment (Feldman); Programming a Model of Human Concept Formulation (Hovland, Hunt); RECENT ADVANCES IN COMPUTER CIRCUITS -- Parallelism in Computer ORganization Random Number Generation in the Fixed Plus Varioable Computer System (Aoki, Estin, Tang); The CELLSCAN System, a Leucocyte Pattern Analyzer (Preston); Application of Computers to Circuit Design for UNIVAC LARC (Kaskey, Prywes, Lukoff); Wide Temperature Range Coincident Current COre Memories (Weisz, Rosenberg); PROBLEM SOLVING AND LEARNING MACHINES -- Descriptive Languages and Problem Solving (Minsky); Baseball - an Automatic Question-Answerer (green, wolf, chomsky, laughery); A Basis for a Mathematical Theory of Computation (John McCarthy)

INFORMATION RETRIEVAL -- state of the art (Swanson); Technical INformation Flow Pattern (kessler); A Screening Method for Large INformation Retrieval Systems (Moore); AUTOMATA THEORY AND NEURAL MODELS -- What is an INtelligent Machine (W Ross Asby); Analysis of Perceptrons (H D Block); Physiology of Automata (Babcock); NEW HYBRID ANALOG-DIGITAL TECHNIQUES -- Combined analog-digital computing elements (Schmid); Optimization of analog computer linear system dynamic characteristics (Single, Billinghurst); Design and Development of a Sampled-data simulator (Reich, Perez); Digital clock delay generators and run counter for a repetitive analog computer (Brubaker, Eckes);

LARGE COMPUTER SYSTEMS -- Trends in design of large computer systems (Adams);

AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMING -- current problems (opler); A First Version of UNCOL (Steel); A Method of combining ALGOL and COBOL (J E Semmet); ALGY an algebraic manipulation porgram (Bernick, Callender et al); A new approach to the functional design of a digital computer (Barton); the JOVIAL checker (M Wilkerson);

MEMORY DEVICES AND COMPONENTS -- factors affecting choice of memory elements (King); a nondestructive Readout film memory (Peschauer, Turnquist et al, remington rand univac); Tunnel diode storage using current sensing (Beck, Savitt et al); The development of a new nondestructive memory element (Vinal et al); High-speed optical computers and quantum transition memory devices (Clapp);

APPLIED ANALOG TECHNIQUES; PATTERN RECOGNITION; COMPUTERS IN CONTROL - inlcudes American Airlines SABRE electronic reservations system (perry et al); Real-time management contorl at Hughes aircraft; the 465L SACCS computer application; The HUMAN SIDE OF ANALOG SYSTEMS -- computer simulation of a colonial socio-economic system (HOward); X-15 analog flight simulation; more.