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Proceedings of the Western Joint Computer Conference 1961, Los Angeles, California. Minsky, IRE/AIEE/ACM, McCarthy, Simon.

Proceedings of the Western Joint Computer Conference 1961, Los Angeles, California.

IRE, AIEE, ACM 1961, 661 pages, double-column text, some illustrations and photographs.
Condition: Very Good, light green paper covers, thick softcover, sunning and toned at outer margins, prev. owner's name on upper front corner, slight shelfwear, binding is tight, pages clean.
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; institute of radio engineers professional group on electronic computers, AIEE committee on computing devices, ACM Association for Computing Machinery
Includes an important paper in the history of cognitive science -- Feigenbaum, E. A. The simulation of verbal learning behavior, pp 121-132; also the following papers cited in Hook & Norman, The Origins of Cyberspace -- OOC 740; minsky, OOC 797; mccarthy, OOC 778; simon, OOC 906.

Technical papers delivered at the Conference, include -- DIGITAL SIMULATION -- Simulation, a survey (Harman); Management Games and Computers (kibbee); An On-line Management System Using English Language (Vazsonyi); APplication of Digital Simulation Techniques to Highway Design Problems (Glickstein & Levy); The Use of Manned Simulation in the Design of an Operational Control System (Geisler, Steger, RAND)

MICROSYSTEM ELECTRONICS -- A Survey of Microsystem Electronics (Meyers); Testing of Micrologic Elements (Anderson); Interconnection Techniques for Semiconductor Networks (Kilby); Microsystem Computer Techniques (Luedicke, Medwin);

MODELLING HUMAN MENTAL PROCESSES -- Modelling Human Mental Processes (HA Simon); The Simulation of Verbal Learning Behavior (Feigenbaum); Simulation of Behavior in the Binary CHoice Experiment (Feldman); Programming a Model of Human Concept Formulation (Hovland, Hunt); RECENT ADVANCES IN COMPUTER CIRCUITS -- Parallelism in Computer ORganization Random Number Generation in the Fixed Plus Varioable Computer System (Aoki, Estin, Tang); The CELLSCAN System, a Leucocyte Pattern Analyzer (Preston); Application of Computers to Circuit Design for UNIVAC LARC (Kaskey, Prywes, Lukoff); Wide Temperature Range Coincident Current COre Memories (Weisz, Rosenberg); PROBLEM SOLVING AND LEARNING MACHINES -- Descriptive Languages and Problem Solving (Minsky); Baseball - an Automatic Question-Answerer (green, wolf, chomsky, laughery); A Basis for a Mathematical Theory of Computation (John McCarthy)

INFORMATION RETRIEVAL -- state of the art (Swanson); Technical INformation Flow Pattern (kessler); A Screening Method for Large INformation Retrieval Systems (Moore); AUTOMATA THEORY AND NEURAL MODELS -- What is an INtelligent Machine (W Ross Asby); Analysis of Perceptrons (H D Block); Physiology of Automata (Babcock); NEW HYBRID ANALOG-DIGITAL TECHNIQUES -- Combined analog-digital computing elements (Schmid); Optimization of analog computer linear system dynamic characteristics (Single, Billinghurst); Design and Development of a Sampled-data simulator (Reich, Perez); Digital clock delay generators and run counter for a repetitive analog computer (Brubaker, Eckes);

LARGE COMPUTER SYSTEMS -- Trends in design of large computer systems (Adams);

AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMING -- current problems (opler); A First Version of UNCOL (Steel); A Method of combining ALGOL and COBOL (J E Semmet); ALGY an algebraic manipulation porgram (Bernick, Callender et al); A new approach to the functional design of a digital computer (Barton); the JOVIAL checker (M Wilkerson);

MEMORY DEVICES AND COMPONENTS -- factors affecting choice of memory elements (King); a nondestructive Readout film memory (Peschauer, Turnquist et al, remington rand univac); Tunnel diode storage using current sensing (Beck, Savitt et al); The development of a new nondestructive memory element (Vinal et al); High-speed optical computers and quantum transition memory devices (Clapp);

APPLIED ANALOG TECHNIQUES; PATTERN RECOGNITION; COMPUTERS IN CONTROL - inlcudes American Airlines SABRE electronic reservations system (perry et al); Real-time management contorl at Hughes aircraft; the 465L SACCS computer application; The HUMAN SIDE OF ANALOG SYSTEMS -- computer simulation of a colonial socio-economic system (HOward); X-15 analog flight simulation; more.