Item #C811093 Proceedings of the Symposium on Computer Software Engineering, New York 1976 / Microwave Research Institute Symposia Series volume XXIV. Jerome Fox, Polytechnic Press of the Polytechnic Institute of new york.

Proceedings of the Symposium on Computer Software Engineering, New York 1976 / Microwave Research Institute Symposia Series volume XXIV.

Polytechnic Press NY 1976; 583 pages, some illustrations, references, index of contributors.

Condition: Good+ overall, gray cloth hardcover, titles in dark blue; previous owner's name and address partially inked out on front pastedown; some shelfwear, top of textblock some dustiness and foxing. Binding is sound, slight bow to the front board and slight shelf-lean; pages unmarked.

Keywords: polytechnic institute, computer software engineering, debugging programs, algol 68, microprogrammable, topdown programming, software testing, software design, fault-tolerant software

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Item Description

Contents include -- The Everest of Software (Branscomb) Keynote - Software Management (Gansler); Modern Software Design Techniques (Fairley); Software Design Representation Schemes (Peters and Tripp); A Modular Approach to the Structured Design of Operating Systems (Krakowiak, Lucas, Montuelle, Mossiere); ISDOS and Recent Extensions (Teichroew); Specification Verification - a key to improving software reliability (Belford and Taylor);

R-NETS - a graph model for real-time software requirements (Alford and Burns); A Flow-Oriented Requirements Statement Language (Bell and Bixler); Requirements Derivation in Automatic Programming (Martin & Bosy); A Software Physics Analysis of Akiyama's Debugging Data (Funami & Halstead); Program Structures Complexity and Error Characteristics (Green, Schneidewind, Howard, Pariseau); Effect of Manpower Deployment and Bug Generation on Software Error Models (Amster, Davis, Dickster, Kuoni);

A Measure to Support Calibration and Balancing of the Effectiveness of Software Engineering Tools and Techniques (Curry); COst of Modularity (Camp & Jensen); Formal Problem Specifications for Readers and Writers Scheduling (Greif); Axioms for Structural Induction on Programs Containing BLock Exits (Kieburtz & Cherniavsky); Specifications, Refinement, and Proof of a Macroprocessor (Yelowitz); A Program Verifier withh Assertions in terms of Abstract Data (Schorre); A Semi-Markov Model for Software Reliability with Failure Costs (Littlewood); Decompilation and the Transfer of Assembly-Coded Minicomputer Systems programs (Friedman);

SPTRAN - a Fortran-compatible Structured Programming Language Converter (Elliott); Formalizing the Specification of Target Machines for Compiler Adaptability Enhancement (Ramamoorthy and Jahanian); Data Types and Programming Reliability - Some preliminary evidence (Gannon); Fault-Tolerant Software -- motivation and capabiities (Hecht); Fault-tolerant Software for a Dual Processor with Monitor (Johnson and Shaw);

Emulation of an Aerospace Computer on a Microprogrammable Machine (Carney); Automating Multiple Program Realizations (Boyle and Matz); Experience with an ALGOL 68 Numerical Algoritihms testbed (Hennel, Hedley, Woodward); TESTER/1 - an abstract model for the automatic synthesis of program test case specifications (Peterson); Proposed measures for the evaluation of software (Mohanty and Adamowicz); An exploratory experiment with 'foreign' debugging of programs (Musa); A comprehensive software design technique (Davidson and Jones); Software effectiveness - a reliability growth approach (Pikul and Wojcik); SIMON - a project management system for software development (Fleischer and Spitler); An Application of top-down programming (Schaenzer).